Bridgette Wright & Marco Ortiz



June 2006


Tubal reversal   

June 29, 2006


Pregnancy #1 edd

April 28, 2008


5cm both sides



December 2007

Well I am happy to anounce on Aug 24 2007 we got our first bfp and went to the our first dr's appt on Aug 27, 2007.  We are now 22 weeks pg and are due to have our first TR baby on April 28, 2008 we had an amnio done and are having a boy!

thanks dr perez and dr. levi

March 2007

Well wasn't sure how to start this so I guess ill start it with I am happy to have done my reversal in Mexico.  I know it has taking me a minute to tell my story and I'm sorry for that. 

Well we left from Los Angeles on June 28th at 12:30 well we arrived in Texas at 9 pm there time and well we got a room and I called Marcos (shuttle guy).  well my reversal was not scheduled till the 30th but he said they would pick me up early.  well we got a phone call at 8 am that Marcos' father in law is picking us up. this man was very nice and polite. .well we got to Rio bravo at about 9:30 am and they said they would do the surgery at 3 pm.

At 1 they started to prep me for surgery. well those of you who know me know I was really stressing on epidurals - I listen to everyone and went ahead and got my first epidural.  Well everything was ok in surgery and after I had what they call a spinal catheter. connected to my back. well I have a real high pain tolerance. so I asked them to remove it well the nurse explained to me just incase the pain got bad I should leave it in till morning. other wise they would have to reinsert it . so I did well I never used it at all I got up by myself and went to the bathroom and walked around. Dr Levi came in and said since i doing ok I can go back to our room in Texas if I want.

I got back to my room and our flight wasn't till Sunday so I got to rest. We got our flight back home . i could walk around and felt ok (except when I sneezed coughed or laughed real hard) so make sure no one tells you jokes till your stitches are out.

I fully recommend going to Dr. Perez and would do it again!

Bridgette Wright

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