Chiffon Wright


Mar 2006


Tubal reversal   

Mar 4, 2006


5 cm left

3 cm rt




May 2006

I want to say hello and to clarify something. Below I said that the doctor who did my tubal ligation messed up my tubes.... well it was messed up worse than I thought it was.  I have 3 centimeters but he cut off the fimbrial end I needed that end to connect to the other end, and even though it was repaired, it didn't stay open, so that leaves me with one tube.  I'm happy to have one though because the ligation doctor did tell me that he was going to cut both tubes off but I didn't know that he wasn't supposed to do that.  It could only be God that I was left with one cause the ligation doctor had the power to cut off both like he said and for some reason I was left with one that stayed wide open.

I had my dye test on may 2, and the tube that I did have was wide open and working well so doctor Perez did and excellent job!

Mar 2006

My surgery date was initially made for March 4,2006 but, Dr. Perez went ahead and did it a day earlier and I was pleased with that decision. Dr. Perez and his doctors were amazingly fast with prepping me and everything.  Usually there is a problem getting my IV in but the nurse was really good, she got my Iv in so fast that I had doubt that it was in right, but it actually was in the right way, she got it in the arm which no doctors are able to get it in because of my veins are very small in that arm and not very visible and it did not hurt at all. I was not scared or worried at all before the surgery that is just how comfortable that this hospital made me feel.

My surgery was a success even though the doctor who initially did my tubal ligation cut more of my tube than he should have but, Dr, Perez was really good though cause he managed to save 5 cm on my left and 3cm on my right and then he found a way to keep my tubes open which gives me a greater chance of becoming pregnant.

I would like to especially point out Dr. Levi he was excellent threw all of this he is very down to earth and that made my stay all the more better. If I had it to do again I would. That hospital is better that those in the United States and it was very clean.

I know most people mentioned it their stories about the cross that was in their surgery room well I want to mention I seen the cross and it was beautiful. I will update you all later after the dye test and after I have become pregnant. see ya'll later.

Chiffon Wright

P.S. I am very pleased with my results


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