Lisa Abbott



May 2007


Tubal ligation

April 4, 2005

Tubal reversal 

May 25, 2007


5cm on right
7cm on left



Jun 2007

I must start by saying thank you to Dr. Levi and all of the nurses that took good care of me during this time in my life. I have three children and there ages are 2, 4, and 6. I had decided after my son was born that i didn't want any more children so i got my tubes tied. Two years later my husband told me that he wanted another child. I laughed at him but eventually gave in. So i researched and found out about Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi. I'm not going to lie; i was a little nervous.

Me and my step daughter Stephanie arrived in McAllen, Tx on May 25, 2007. We called Marco who had been keeping contact with us between flights and told him that we had made it. Dr. Levi's wife arrived in about 10 minutes. She was really nice and so was her friend she brought. We asked if we could go to a store to get some cameras and she stopped at the gas station. Mexico is really beautiful and we took a lot a pictures. When we arrived at the hospital Dr Levi was waiting for us. While we were on our way there he had called his wife and she gave me the phone; he asked if i had eaten anything and i said no. He told me that he could go ahead and do my surgery that day even though i wasn't supposed to have it until Sat.

The nurses escorted us to a room and had me put on a gown. Dr. Levi came in and asked the usual questions and told me that i would have the surgery at 4:00pm. We spent the next hour trying to find a channel in English on the TV. I went to sleep and my IV was placed in at about 3:00 and then i was awakened by a nursed and wheeled into a room where a man i think he said he was Dr. Moreno put in my epidural. I don't even remember feeling anything because i think i went back to sleep. I woke up in my room about 2 hours later and Dr. Levi came in and told me that everything went fine and that i had 5 cm on the right and 6 to 7 in on the left ; he said that they ended up putting me too sleep because i kept talking and asking if everything was ok. I told him that i didn't remember that and he just laughed.

The next morning he came in at about 11:00 and asked if i thought i could get up and take a shower and i told him yes. They nurses came in and removed the IV and epidural and i took a shower and i was ready to go and explore. I was in a little pain but it was bearable,  Me and the doctor took some pictures and he gave me papers. I told him that we wanted to walk around so me and my step daughter walked around the neighborhood. A nice lady took us up the street to subways. We didn't understand anything the lady was saying when we ordered but it was alright. We went back to the hospital and Dr. Levi asked if we wanted to stay there or a hotel by the airport. We told him that we would rather be close to the airport so Dr. Levi's wife took us to a hotel by the airport. We spent the night there and flew back to St. Louis the next morning.

I am 12 days post op and i feel great. Once again i would like to thank Dr. Levi and his staff for taking good care of me and i will update you guys on anything new that might arise.

Wish me luck.

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