Julie Anders


January 2007


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 



Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 m/c

Pregnancy #3

It's a Girl! 4/01/09


6 cm  both Tubes




Emily Paige Hurst

born on April 1st at 6:25 am and weighed in at 6 lbs 13 oz
Just a beautiful little angel, all my prayers have been answered.

Good luck to everyone!


August 2008

We'll 3rd times a charm hopefully.  I got a positive HPT, I am 4 weeks! EDD of April 20, 2009.    had my first doctors appointment and confirmed this is a healthy pregnancy in the uterus, and "Houston we have a heartbeat!"  I am approximately 8 weeks, and I have a great new doctor and we feel very confident this pregnancy will continue. Third time is a charm, I have waited patiently with this being the 3rd pregnancy in a year and once again this is proof that there is success in Tubal Reversal. I wish everyone the best of luck! Hang in there, it will happen when it's your time.  Wish me luck & good luck to everyone who is still trying.   God Bless

June 2008

We'll I have some bad news.  At six weeks I saw the fetus in the uterus with a flickering heartbeat and we were thrilled and I thought I was out of the woods  but at eights week my ultrasound showed no heartbeat and I had to have a D&C.   It's very painful but at the same time I am even more determined to try again because I not only know I got pregnant twice already but that my little egg made it's way to the uterus this time.  Good luck to everyone still trying.

May 2008

I had an ultrasound this morning and we saw a sack with yolk!  I am elated. I prayed and hoped for the best and now it's a reality.  Baby is due Jan. 8, 2009. Almost 2 years to the day of my Tubal Reversal surgery.  Thanks again to all working with Dr. Perez & Dr. Levi. I will keep you posted.
Everyone still trying I will keep you in my prayers, never loose hope & be patient.

April 2008

I got a positive pregnancy test April 29th.  I am 4 weeks and a day. I will see my doctor in the next couple of weeks to make sure  the baby found it's way to the correct location.   Wish me luck!

September 2007

I had an pregnancy that was never found. It wasnít in the tubes or the uterus. When I am over this I will be anxious to try again because I know now the surgery worked and I can get pregnant.
Good luck to all of you waiting for your positive pregnancy test!

July 2007

We have a positive home pregnancy test, ok, several!! lol  I am scheduled for a pregnancy blood test this week followed by a Dr. appointment.  Let's pray everything is where it should be and stays there. I will keep you posted.

Jan 2007

Surgery Date: Tubal Ligation  Tubal Reversal

My name Julie Anders - 37 year old from Houston, Texas. My sister accompanied me on my wonderful journey.  She's fluent in Spanish and lives nearby in Brownsville so she is very familiar with Mexico and she was a great comfort in reassuring me of my doubt of having such a surgery done in another country. I had surgery on a Friday night, was released Saturday evening. And flew home on Sun. and went back to work on Tuesday. I  was sore but followed Dr. Leviís orders to take it easy and no heavy lifting and I was fine.  Itís just been a month and a half and I am eager to start trying.

 I was hesitating before making my mind up to go to Mexico and even once I arrived. But after realizing I was in another country and the hospital Isnít going to be as extravagant as a Houston hospital but the Dr.ís are just as experienced if not better due to the fact they specialize in this type of surgery.  I am thankful for discovery Rio Bravo Reversals. My entire experience was wonderful. Dr. Levi was great at being patient with my emotional nervousness and encouraged me to ask any questions or concerns. I will never forget this experience and feel like I have made some new friends in Rio Bravo. This surgery would not have been an option for me in Houston. Financially it was impossible, but now a dream come true.

I have 6cm of tubes on each side. I am anxious to start trying but I am following Dr. Levi's order to heal properly for two months before trying to conceive. I want to thank everyone at this hospital.

Thank You Julie

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