Kimberly & John Bivens



July 2007


Tubal Ligation


Tubal Reversal 



Right tube- 5cm
Left tube-5cm



October 2007

My name is Kimberly Bivens, my husband is John, and I wanted to share our reversal story. I just want to say to those of you who are skeptical of going to Mexico for surgery, please donít be. My husband was probably one of the biggest skeptics around, but after doing a lot of research, we decided to go to Dr. Perez. I had my tubes tied in 1997 after the birth of my second child.  10 years later, I am divorced, and remarried as of 4 1/2 years ago to a wonderful man. He has one son, 18, and I have two sons, age 10 and 12. We really would like to have at least one child together, so we decided to have the reversal procedure done.

We were scheduled for surgery on the morning of 7/16/07. We live in Florida and decided to drive to Mexico. We tried to make a little vacation out of it. Plus, my mother lives in Austin, Texas, so we decided to go visit with her after the surgery before heading home. We arrived in McAllen, Texas on Saturday evening, and stayed in hotel there overnight. The next day we contacted Marcos to let him know that we arrived. We left our car at the airport in long term parking, and met the driver there. When we arrived at the hospital, they checked us in, helped us fill out the paperwork, and put me in my room. We then watched television and DVDís until later on that evening.

Dr. Levi came in and checked on us, asked a lot of pre-op questions. He was really very nice and friendly. He made us feel very comfortable, and said that the nurse would come in and give my IV at about 6:00 am. My husband slept on the little cot in the room, and at 6:00 the next morning the nurse came in and started my IV. A couple of hours later, Dr. Guerra, Dr. Leviís brother came in and talked to us and told us they would be ready for me at 8:15 a.m. A little while later, the nurse came in and put me in a wheelchair and took me into the operating room. I got on the table, and saw the cross above the doors like everyone had mentioned in their testimonies.  They gave me sleepy juice, and after that I vaguely remember them giving me the epidural. The next thing I remember, Dr. Guerra was asking me if I was okay, and he was telling me they were closing me up and that I had 5 cm on each side. Afterwards, they told me that I had a 60-70% chance of conception. I was happy, but not in a lot of pain.

The nurses were great, the room was clean, and everything went well. The next morning they released me, and we went to Austin, where I rested up for a few day before heading to Florida. It has been 2 months since my surgery, and my husband and I have started trying to conceive. I will post an update when we have a baby on the way. I would recommend Dr. Perez to anyone!

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