Christina & Shawn Buck


February 2007


Tubal ligation

June 2004

Tubal reversal 

Feb 8, 2007  


Pregnancy #1 m/c


 left 2.5 cm

 right tube 0



 August 2007

Sorry it took so long for me to update. We thought we were so lucky when we found out we were expecting.  We were worried though because the condom broke a month too early to try. We were right to worry.....on April the 12th my tube ruptured. They removed my only tube and my only chance to make my husband a father. I guess it is time to save up for IVF we shouldn't have any problem except for affording it.

Everyone keep us in their prayers. You are all in ours. Oh and if I had it to do all over I would still go to Rio Bravo.  Thanks again for all the support.

Christina and Shawn Buck
TR 2/08/07
right 0
left 2.5 Until removed all togeather

April 2007

I just wanted everyone to know that we are expecting!!!! Already, with only one tube at 2.5 cm. We go on 4/17/07 to see where the baby is, everyone keep us in their prayers. My Due date is 12/11/07. Thanks to everyone I will keep everyone posted.

Christina Doepp-Buck
Due date: 12/11/07

Feb 2007

Hello my name is Christina Doepp-Buck, I am wife to Shawn Buck, mother to two, a boy 13, and a girl 3. I had a TL in June of 04, and my TR 2/8/07. My lengths were left- 2.5 and my right tube was 0. I am 28 years old.

My husband and I flew into McAllen Tx arriving at noon, 2/8/07. My surgery was supposed to be the next morning. I had nothing to eat just in case. Dr Levi's father-in-law met us at the airport. He helped us with our bags and we were off. The shuttle was a SUV very comfortable. I am glad we took it cause I am sure we would have got lost or ran over. Driving there is definitely different than here. Dr Levi's father in law was very friendly and as soon as we got to the hospital he told us to wait and he left us in the lobby. When we walked in everything smelled like cleaning stuff and bleach. Not even 2 min later he was back to help us to our room. He brought papers for my husband and I to sign and told us he would see us later. As soon as he was gone a nurse, Juan, came in with a gown and motioned for me to change.  After I changed and washed my face (because I had make up on) I figured we were having surgery that day because Juan had the IV stuff waiting on me. My pre-opt instructions said no make up. He ask me to lay down, and he started my IV on the first stick. That has never happened here in Kentucky, so I was happy for that one. He took some blood for tests before he hooked up the IV. It hurt for the first few min after he left, so I had my husband Shawn go and get him expecting what usually happens to happen. I figured it wasn't in the vein so he came back to check it.  Smiling he said "still in" and it was because a few min later it wasn't hurting anymore and I never even bruised that is very rare for me.

We watch tv for a half an hour made some phone calls on our cell phones (we still had service and a big roaming bill to prove it lol) Then Dr Levi came in with a wheelchair and a clipboard. The anesthesiologist and a nurse was with him. He asked me a the usual questions and some questions concerning my past back surgeries. He wasn't sure if I had to be put under or not. I have had 3 back surgeries in 2005. Luckily I could have the epi because my surgeries were lower than were they needed to put the epi. Everything was happening so fast and I didn't realize my husband was unaware that we were going to surgery right then until he spoke up saying "Uhh I have a question, what's going on?" I laughed cause the whole time I was the nervous one until now. Poor thing his eyes were as big as quarters. lol. I told him we were going to surgery now and everything was going to be ok. He followed us down to the OR. Before we entered I got a chance to meet everyone, including Dr. Perez.

I wasn't nervous until I got up on the table. There was 2 things that eased my mind -- 1) the cross above the door and 2)when I was told to turn over on my side.  Because my spine is fused I don't have mobility to turn over a certain way, but the anesthesiologist helped me by turning my hips just the right way. Only someone who is fused at the same level or a very skilled doctor understands how to do that. Knowing that he knew and just helped me automatically told me I was in good hands. The female nurse asked me if I spoke Spanish, I told her I could read some and understand some but I couldn't speak it. I heard Shakirah on the radio and talked to the nurse about how I was a big fan of hers while the anesthesiologist scrubbed my back for the epi. That's the last thing I remembered until I woke up when they were finishing up. I opened my eyes and asked for Shawn. Then I spotted him looking very scared. Later he told me he thought I was put under and woke up. Then he realized I had the epi and calmed down. He told me they were sewing me up. I asked how much I was left with.  He told me they couldn't repair my right side because it was too short. And I had 2.5 on my left. I started crying and fell back to sleep. Dr Levi told me not to worry he has seen women with worse cases conceive.  Next thing I remembered I was in my room I started crying again. Dr Levi came in and assured me to have faith that there was no scar tissue and it all depended on how I healed from that point. It made me feel a little better. I went back to sleep. They woke me up later with food that made me feel a lot better lol. It was the best food I ever ate.

The next morning they came in and removed the IV and catheter. I think the catheter hurt more than anything else. I never was sore from the IV or epi, but the catheters was painful.  Dr Levi called me in my room and told to shower and he was getting my papers together.  He had already called the shuttle for me. He came in after my shower and looked at my incision. It looked good and told us to go for a walk we had 2 hours to kill until the shuttle would be there. We left went around the block came back because we forgot the camera and wanted to take pictures. I waited in the lobby while Shawn got the camera. I heard Dr Levi say my name he was at the desk. He told me he was leaving and my papers was in my room. I thanked him and said maybe someday he would hear from me with news about a baby. He told me there was no maybe he knew he would hear from me.  We left and walked about four blocks to a small restaurant; it was good. When we came back the shuttle was waiting us. We asked him to take us shopping he did and we got everyone a little something. Dr Levi's father in law kept us laughing on the way to our hotel.  I don't recommend laughing too hard it hurts after surgery. He made sure we got checked in, before he left I hugged him and he kissed my cheek I thought it was sweet. He wished us luck.

We stayed 2 days at the hotel I took it easy and flew back to Nashville on the 11th. I needed those extra days before traveling to recover. Now we are home 5 days post op and I feel pretty good. Everyone I told I was going to Mexico told me I was crazy.  I am glad I didn't listen!  The small chance I have now is still better than what I had before. As far as recommending them to some one else - one of my sisters and one of my cousins are going there to have their TR done in Rio Bravo because of my experience.

It was very clean; they even cleaned my room 2 times a day. The language barrier wasn't bad but i recommend a Spanish English dictionary. I would do it all over again. Another thing that touched me was my husband told me that Dr Perez spent a long time praying before he came into the OR. I wanted to thank everyone for all they have done to help us toward our dream. The staff and doctors will always be in our hearts and prayers.

Good luck to all of you out there on your TR journey.

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