Lisa & Mark Carinus

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Surgery Date 5/04/07
Sterilized 10/89
Tube lengths L 4 R 6
Pregnancy 1


Pregnancy 2

It's a girl!

Pregnancy 3  




Emaleigh Claire Carinus
We are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter - born 1-29-09.  Emma weighed 6lbs 12 oz and was 21 inches long.
Thank you God for helping to guide the dr's and staff that made this possible. WE are very blessed to have this little girl in our loving home and the chance we had with our first pregnancy that resulted in our angel in heaven.
All things are possible through HIM.

October 2008

My name is Lisa Carinus. My husband Mark and I had our TR on May 4th, 2007. My tubes had been tied since Oct. of 1989.
We became pregnant in Dec 2007 following the surgery, but the pregnancy ended in missed miscarriage at 12.3 weeks.

Good news, is that we became pregnant 2 months after our loss, and are currently 6 months pregnant with a little girl. She is due 2-2-09.

I am 39 yrs old, and my tubes had been tied for almost
18 yrs, I wondered if it was even possible to have another child. Between GOD and the wonderful hands of Dr. Perez and the rest of the staff, we have been blessed with 2 pregnancies (1angel baby and little girl we are now carrying).  

May everyone on their journeys be filled with love and hope and faith.

TL : 10-10-1989
TR : 5-4-2007
Lf : 4cm
Rt : 6cm

1st +pregnancy : 12-2007
miscarriage at 12.3 weeks
2nd +pregnancy : 5-2008
EDD : 2-2-2009 with a baby girl

December 2007

I am happy to announce we are pregnant! I tested BFP 12-16-2007. I cant believe it, after almost 18 yrs since I having my tubal ligation-we actually got pregnant. What a miracle and a great Christmas present. We will keep you updated.

TL - 10/1989
TR - 5/4/2007

BFP - 12/16/2007

Thank you God. Thanks to Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi and all the staff. We are very happy and will be forever grateful. I would and do recommend this wonderful hospital.

May 2007

We had our tubal reversal, performed on May 4th, 2007.  I am the mother of 2 children ages, 17,18. My tubes have been tied since the birth of my last child. My husband has two kids ages, 6,9. We wanted to share a child together if possible. So after months of searching the internet for pros and cons, we decided on RioBravoReversals.

I am very impressed with the kindness that we were shown, from scheduling- to shuttle- to the doctors and staff.  Kathy T was very quick and very helpful in responding to any questions we had. Dr. Levi, (love this guy) helped finalize the surgery appt. Marcos (shuttle) was a delight to speak with, even though we didn't get to meet him, he arranged the shuttle for us. Very nice guy.

Our trip started on leaving by plane in Atlanta, then to Dallas Texas, then to McAllen Texas. Marcos had explained to me not to eat or drink anything (if I could help it) because the doctor may be able to perform my surgery when we arrived, instead of waiting until the morning when it was originally planned. It was hard doing without for so long, I was starving, even harder watching my husband eat at TGI Fridays, the food smelled so good.  When we arrived at McAllen, we called Marcos, he explained to us that for the shuttle would be late, and it was (hour and 1/2) but it didn't matter we were too excited to notice. When it did arrive, a very sweet young lady picked us up, (I didn't catch her name) along with Dr. Levi's father in law. Great people... After a short drive across border, we arrived at the hospital. Yes, it is very small, but don't let the looks fool you. It is a hospital, and very clean.  The young lady & Dr. Levi's father in law helped us check in, and informed me, that my surgery would be happening in a few hours. YIPPEE!!! it all happened so quick, I was soon brought a gown to change into. Then a male nurse came and started my IV, he stuck my vein on the first try, and I didn't even bruise.  Dr. Levi came in shortly to ask his questions and answer ours. He explained what was going to happen and welcomed my husband to join us in the OR.

We were moved in to another room with a better sofa (my hubby's bed for 2 nights). So here we are waiting for them to come, watching a little tv, yes there are a few English speaking channels.  I think it was maybe a couple of hours later, they came and brought my DH his scrubs, retrieved me, and off we go. The first thing I looked for was the cross, there it was, hanging beautifully above the door. What a site, I knew all would be fine.  The staff that got me set up in the OR were very professional, and kind.  The one guy that (Dr. Moreno) did my "sleepy juice" had such a calming smile. The came the spinal block, it only hurt for a second or two, the I felt nothing from the belly button down. Things kinda happened quick after that. I was awake the whole time, with my DH standing at my head assuring me that it was all okay. I remember, Dr. Levi in the room before the sleepy juice, but Dr. Perez slipped in quietly at some time. I just remember being so relaxed and seeing both of their reflections in the light that hung overhead. They were speaking to my DH, telling him what they were doing.

The surgery went well, they said my ovaries looked fine, and my tubes had been tied, cut, burnt by the dr. that performed my tubal ligation 17 yrs ago (I was only 19yrs old). But I was left with 4cm on the left (which had been cut at the base portion of the fimbria) and 6 cm on the right (it was cut mid-portion of the tube). Now it is up to God...If it is meant to be, it will...If its not, then I still have 4 amazing kids, and my soul mate for a husband.  Pain wasn't bad, I was up walking slowly the next day, stomach sore but that was to be expected. I didn't take the pain meds, given to me, only the antibiotics. I am now 11 days post op, and found the 3-5 days to be the most uncomfortable. Now, I'm back, to 99% and climbing. 

Good luck to each of you on your TR journey. May you be filled with love and happiness and find peace, no matter what the outcome.  To Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, Marcos, Kathy, My shuttle driver-would love to know her name, Dr. Levi's father in law, and all the staff there, THANK YOU for taking care of us, and for the kindness you showed. I would do it all over again, with you all.

p.s. for those traveling there, language is a small barrier, so if you don't know Spanish, bear with them, they will try their best to communicate with you, or find someone who can.

p.s.s. there is a restaurant a few blocks down, La Mansion, with the best hamburger I have ever had in my life .


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