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Reversal 05/25/07
Lengths  L 8 R 6
Preg  1 It's a Girl!
Preg  2 It's a Girl!
Preg 3 It's a Girl!





Welcome Alexys Marie

born  January 2013

Feb 2013

I have such great memories of my trip to Rio Bravo in May of 2007. Thanks to you Dr. Perez, I have 3 beautiful baby girls. Emileigh born May 2008, Isabella August 2011 and our newest addition, Alexys Marie born January 2013

Sept 2012

We are happy to announce we are now expecting TR baby number 3 due on Jan 2013. We do not know the gender at this time but will post as soon as we do. I want to thank Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi and the staff who made all this possible and God for guiding them thru the whole process.

Maria Cons

Welcome  Isabella Rene

born August  2011

May 2011

 We are now glad to announce we are having our second TR baby girl who we will name IsaBella Rene who we expect Sept 7, 2011. Thank you and May God continue to Bless you all.

Maria Cons and Family

Welcome Emileigh Rose

born May 2008

Jan 2008

Just wanted to update that I am now 19 weeks into my first TR pregnancy and I will be having my ultrasound on Thurs. the 10th to find out what we are having. I'm so excited. I have 4 boys from my previous marriage so we are hoping that this time its a girl. This is hubby's first baby. I will keep you updated and let you know the results on Thurs.

Good luck to everyone on their TR or TTC journey.

July 2007

I had my surgery with Dr.Perez and Dr.Levi on May 25th, 2007. My tube lengths were 8 cm on left and 6 cm on right.   My husband Edwin and me are very excited awaiting the day that God blesses us with a little Angel.

The experience was fantastic, The Dr.s and the hospital staff were awesome.  Thank you Dr.Perez and Dr.Levi.  May God bless you always!

Maria and Edwin Cons