Micah & Daniel DesMarais


July 2007


Tubal Reversal 

July 14, 2007


Pregnancy #1 cp

Pregnancy #2

It's a Girl!  5/1/08


7cm both sides




Clover Cheyanne Robingrace DesMarais

We are now the proud parents of a new baby girl born 5/1/08, she was 5 weeks early but healthy as a horse, she did not even need NICU care. Her surname is Clover Cheyanne Robingrace DesMarais, the reason is he is our lucky little charm, she is now 5 months old and weighs almost 12pds, she may be little but her attitude and personality makes up for it.  Anyway to all of you considering this we are so blessed with a beautiful little girl, she is our lucky little charm, that's why we named her Clover.  Micah E. DesMarais, RN


October 2007

Our surgery date was on July 14th 2007, I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. My husband and I where picked up from the Mcallen airport, taken to the hospital where my surgery was performed early the next morning. The Dr.s and staff where very friendly and our accomadations where better than expected. I was quite nervous going into the surgey due to the fact it is in Mexico but went ahead with it anyway, which I am so glad I did, We met 2 other couples at the hospital which made my stay so much nicer and eased my anxiety.

After surgery I had 7cm both sides, I had my first positive pregnancy test Aug 30th, but ended in miscarriage ( known as a chemical pregnancy) but the good news is that it was in  my uterus and not in my tubes...

Now for some more even Crazy great news, I am pregnant again, this time everything looks great, my hcg and progesterone levels are up where they are suppose to be, so basically I got pregant each month directly after my surgery.... so if thats not great work... WOW..  Our baby is due 6/5/08... I cant wait, Im so excited!!

By the way I am Emergency Room RN and I would highly recommend them to anybody, my dr is going to start referring too .. she is very impressed she literally said " I should send everybody to mexico for a tubal reversal"... AGAIN thanks to everybody their expecially the GREAT dr.'s!!! You are helping bring a new life in the world!!

Micah and Daniel DesMarais

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