Alisha & Bryant Kelley

June  2007


Tubal Reversal 

June 15, 2007


5 cm both sides.



October 2007

My name is Alisha I am from New York my husband and i flew in to RIO BRAVO on the 15th of June. I also had my surgery on the same day. 

Going to Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez was such an experience that I will never forget, the dr's and staff there were so polite and warm.  I really felt at home, and the food was EXCELLENT. I would recommend anyone who want to have a tubal reversal to go see these fine doctors.

I was told that i have 5 cm on both sides. I am forever grateful to these GOD sent doctors.  RIOBRAVO REVERSAL IS THE BEST!

I will keep everyone posted thank you DR's LEVI AND PEREZ as well as the rest of the staff.

Love Alisha Dock Kelley


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