Lisa Ely & David Hunter


September 2007


Tubal Ligation


Tubal Reversal 

Sept 09, 2007



6-7 cm both sides


HSG  4/28/09

both tubes open



April 2009

Hi, I had a tubal reversal September 9th of 2007, name is Lisa Ely.  just writing to say thank you for all you have done for me, we have been pregnant a few times which ended in miscarriage.  I went for a HSG this morning and was happy to find both tubes are open!  the HSG tech said it looks like Dr Perez did a excellent job on my tubes!.

Hopefully we will have a healthy pregnancy soon!  thank you!

October 2007

I had my tubes tied in 2002 after the birth of my 4th child ,about 6 months later I started regreting having them tied. I was depressed that I could not afford a tubal reversal. I prayed for them to come untied on their own which of course never happened. and I eventually forgot about ever having another child .

then in 2004 I married again and shortly after we married we wanted to have another child together , but we knew it was not likely with tubal reversal cost so high here in the states. so once again I put it out of my mind. then I started having baby dreams often which told me it was meant for me to have my reversal. so I knew I needed to get my reversal and I told my husband and he was okay with it.  after joining a tubal reversal forum online I learned about Dr Perez ,and at first I was scared of going to Mexico but after reading all the testimonys and seeing all the TR babys I decided thats where I will go for my reversal.

so we scheduled my surgery. and september 8th my daughter and I flew from portland oregon all the way to harlingen ( my DH stayed home with the kids) . it took all day to get there and then nobody was at the airport to get us when we got there , so I called Marco's and he said the shuttle was just about 20 minutes away, so we waited and the shuttle was there about 15 minutes later, and we were on our way to the hospital .the drive there was a little scary I was glad we got the shuttle.  we got to the hospital and I was surprised at how small it was but it was very clean. we were given our room right away and then nurse came in to give us clean towels and soap . I met Dr Levi he was very nice and answered all my questions.

we rested that night then the next morning a nurse came in had me change into a gown, then started my IV ,and he got it with the first try!, then he drew blood for some tests. and I layed there for a while waiting for my surgery then finally Dr Levi came in with a nurse and I was told to sit in the wheel chair and was taken to the operating room,

I met Dr Perez in the Operating room then I was told to get on the operating table and put into position for the epidural , the stuff they washed my back with was so cold that I couldent help but move . then I heard one of the Doctors say just relax and I saw the cross on the wall above the door and that also helped me relax then I was given something to relax me and I dont remember much after that because it really put me to sleep and I was awake on and off during the surgery.  Dr Mereno was very nice and stayed by my head through the whole surgery and kept asking me if I was okay, that was very comforting to me. I was so numb that I didn't feel anything at all. and the next thing I knew they were done and I was thinking geesh that was fast .

then I was being wheeled back to my room and I asked Dr Levi how long my tubes were and he said if I tell you now you wont remember so I will tell you later but your tube lengths are good. that kind of frustrated me because I wanted to know then. I slept most of the day after my surgery, then that night I was told everything was healthy and I have 6-7 cm on both sides so I was very happy with that.

the epidural wore off that night and I was surprised that the pain was not bad at all . the next day I woke up with gas pain so I was glad I brought some gas-x with me I took 2 of those and the pain went away. then the nurse took the epidural out and the IV. the shuttle was ready to go so we were on our way to the airport, and man was that a bumpy ride due to some construction going on down there , so it was not a fun ride, but I am still glad I took the shuttle as I am sure I would have gotten lost without it. so I arrived at the airport sore and walking was a little difficult but we made it, we had to change planes 3 times on the way home which was a pain. we finally got home at 12 midnight on the 10th and I was happy to be home and resting.

I am now 8 days post op and healing very well. I am very happy with my experience , the doctors and nurses were very nice . I am happy to be whole again.  and to have the chance at getting pregnant again!. Praise God for Dr Perez and all the staff at Rio Bravo Reversals!.

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