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Surgery Date 04/24/07
Tube lengths L7-8 R7-8
Preg 1 m/c 2007
Preg 2 It's a boy!
Oct 2008
Preg 3

It's a boy! Sept 2009

Preg 4 It's a girl!
Oct 2011
Preg 5 edd
Jun 2013



Sarai Brielle Delaney

 Just another update....a girl!  born October 17th 2011...blonde hair blue eyes...gorgeous! AND....we are due AGAIN in June 2013!!!!

 Thanks Dr. Perez!


Avren Benjamin Elijah Hildreth

My last and final update!!! IT'S A BOY! Avren Benjamin Elijah Hildreth was born September 1st, 2009 by C-section. He weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and was 18 inches with brown hair and blue eyes. He is perfect!

The C section surgery was an experience I would not like to do again. My uterus tore down to my cervix when Avren was born. When they tried to stitch it closed, the area the tear was in was thin it couldn't hold the sutures and kept tearing leading to excessive bleeding. A blood match was ordered for a blood transfusion but thank God, they were able to stop the bleeding and repair the tear. I cant even describe in words the shaking, teeth chattering, and cartoon feeling I had and the drop in blood pressure, but I wondered if my son's first day of life here on earth would be my last day. It was scary but we both made it and it helped to have such an amazing OB doctor : )  Recovery is going well; as is nursing. No infections thus far, and Avren was back up to his birth weight by week one! Still a bit sore 3 weeks after surgery, but we are doing great! I do have my hands VERY full with both of the TR babies almost 11 months apart-this has to be similar to having twins! LOL!

I thank God that I am still alive and for the 5 children I have. My journey is over and I couldn't be more complete, more grateful, and in awe of God's miracles!

Dr Perez and Dr Levi.... Un Millon de Gracias. Las palabras no pueden expresar mi gratitud.

January 2009 - UPDATE! - Expecting again!

Another update to begin the New Year....

Landon is now 3 months old and the happiest baby ever! I thought that my family was complete with four children; however, on New Years Day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. So I am expecting my second child after tubal reversal surgery. My due date is September 11, 2009. I am 6 weeks 4 days today.

So far, ectopic has been ruled out...and a gestational sac and yolk sac have been confirmed. No baby or heartbeat have been confirmed as of yet. Betas were 1800 on 01/10/09 and 6500 on 01/14/09. I'm a bit apprehensive with this pregnancy so soon after birth, but couldn't be more thankful.... or shocked....again.

I will update again soon when I know the outcome of this pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Perez, times two!


Landon Isaac Hildreth

born October 3rd 2008. After 14 hours of labor with no resolve, he was born by C-section.  He weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces, 20 inches long and has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is gorgeous and perfect!

Thank you Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi!

June 2008

UPDATE!  We are now 25 weeks pregnant with a little boy-he makes two girls and two boys now, for our family.   Perfect!   All of the blood work and ultrasounds have come out perfectly.

I will update more as his birthday becomes closer! At least 89 days to go!

Stacey Hildreth

February 2008

Just wanted to update since the miscarriage in July 2007. We just found out in January that we again expecting. This was a COMPLETE shock as I was on birth control pills to help shrink a cyst that I had on my right ovary and that my husband was only on leave for 3 weeks from duty. I am still in complete shock!

It has been a pretty emotional and exhausting rollercoaster due to the previous miscarriage, waiting for beta levels and ultrasound results. My first ultrasound revealed nothing but a thickening in my uterus, the second one revealed a gestational sac and yolk sac and the third revealed our little one with a beating heart!

We are due September 2008.

August 2007

Just an update....We miscarried on July 13th, 2007 and have an angel in heaven too.

July 2007

We traveled from Europe to Mexico to have our tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Perez on April 24,2007. When I first started researching doctors I came across Dr. Perez' website and laughed hysterically with the thought of going to Mexico for such an important surgery. I went ahead and moved on to researching other doctors. During my time of research, I e-mailed my previous doctor who performed my tubal ligation to see what she thought my outcome would be in regards to tubal length (the famous question we all want to know before this kind of surgery) and she had told me that she had done a thorough job and burned my tubes FOUR times and thought that IVF would be the best way for us to go at this point. I emailed a couple other doctors with my post op report and was told the same thing-IVF was the best option. My husband and I began to feel hopeless at this point-but we kept praying for God to lead us to the right doctor.

I ran across Dr. Perez' website again and this time brought my husband who had his turn laughing at the idea of going to Mexico for surgery but I encouraged him to read the testimonies of other patients. He was skeptical and a little nervous, but by the time he had read them all, and more praying, he felt a bit more calm.

I decided to call Dr. Levy (Dr. Perez' assistant surgeon) and speak with him. I had asked him what he thought my outcome would be after being burned four times with the ligation and he said that they were just doctors and they go in and do their jobs and the rest is not up to them. That was the best answer I had received from all the opinions. There were no false hopes, there were no lies or guarantees. And I found this to be a humble and honest response. With no claims to know everything just because someone is a doctor. We knew we were to go to Mexico for surgery.

Certainly, we could have found a doctor on the east coast that would be comparable in price (given that we spent so much on airfare from Europe to Mexico) and could have spent less on airfare and more on surgery if we had surgery on the east coast. But we knew that our prayers had been answered and that God was leading us just like we had asked of Him.   When I told my family, they were nervous and friends looked at us like we were crazy. But we kept going. Kept praying. That is how God moves when you walk completely by faith and others are in disbelief all around you even doctors telling you a tubal reversal surgery just wont work.

The flight there was quite an enjoyable experience for my husband and I and I was thankful to be able to sleep the moment we got to the hospital. Dr. Levi's wife picked us up at the airport despite an hour delay-she was still waiting. She was very kind. My only regret is not speaking Spanish to be able to carry on casual conversation. But it was an enjoyable experience, nonetheless. 

The hospital was clean, the nurses know exactly what you need. So the language barrier does not have any affect in regards to great healthcare. Dr Levi was great and really took his time looking at pictures of our babies and chatting with us. I was nervous for the surgery and did end up having to be put to sleep. I woke up once and asked what my tube lengths were and fell back to sleep. I woke up again and asked where Dr. Perez was so I could look him in the eye and tell him how grateful I was-but to my disappointment he had already left. The 10 hour flight home was not as comfortable going home as it was coming in, but we made it! 

I ended up with 7-8 cm on both sides and that was our first miracle! It still brings me to tears that God can take such pain and regret of a tubal ligation and turn it into such joy! This journey has been amazing, painful, joyous, scary, but through it all I have learned so much!

You never know exactly how surgery and outcomes will go and it is always best to put your faith in God rather than man when looking for answers. It doesn't matter what your post op report and notes say in regards to outcomes, tube lengths, or doctors. Step out and move completely by faith even if your desires, outcomes and expectations are not met in the way you would like. Again these are just MY life lessons and I wish all of you considering tubal reversal the best! And congratulations to all who are expecting!

Dr. Perez, I never got to thank you for performing our surgery. May God bless you and keep you! He has given you such a wonderful gift to restore the painful regret of tubal ligations that many of us go through. Dr. Levi-you are wonderful and have such a wonderful way of comforting others. To the many great nurses and assistants.........THANK YOU! You are all wonderful!

Our second miracle is that we just found out we are pregnant! We are due March 2008. Please pray for our child that everything goes well, and is in the right place, and we carry to term a healthy happy baby!

Stacey (27) and Scott Hildreth (26)


Avren Benjamin Elijah Hildreth

Landon Isaac Hildreth

Sarai Brielle Delaney

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