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June 2007


Tubal ligation 


Tubal reversal 

June 7, 2007


Pregnancy #1 edd

April 2008


6-7cm both sides




August 2007

We are expecting we are due April 28th, 2008!  Thank you Dr. Levi we are so excited and cant wait to see this little one!

Thank you

Gary & Sherry HItch

June 2007

We left for Rio Bravo on June 6th from Portland PDX flew all night to get to McAllen Texas. Arrived in McAllen at 10:23am in the morning. Called Marcos and told him we had arrived. Marcos said he'd call us right back there had been a change in drivers. My DH sat out side and waited about 35 mins we started to get nervous about the whole thing is this real, maybe itís a rip off scam my DH was getting visible upset called Marcos back and asked if we needed to get a taxi.  Marcos said donít worry we will be there and itís better if we go through them if you try it on your own.  Finally the shuttle showed and we went through the border with ease we did not even have to stop at the border we went through special lane.  Wow that was amazing.

After about 25 minutes we arrived in Rio Bravo at the hospital De Las Americas Dr Levi was waiting he said that he could have me in for surgery by 2:00pm that very afternoon if I had not eaten. After reading many couples have decided not to eat just incase they could get moved up. I had not eaten, we waited about 20 mins in the waiting area and then were taken back to our room #10 at the end of the hall. A few minutes later the nurse came in and started my IV, and then the doctor came in and went over my health history and told Gary my DH that he should go in with me. He was not going to but after Dr. Levi talked to him he came with. I m not sure what time we actually went back but a nurse came and got me, put a blue hat on my head and on my feet she put on my feet the wheeled me off to surgery.

In the surgery room they had me get on the table and roll into a fetal position told me not to move, the Dr younger brother was on the other side he was telling me not to be nervous it will be ok. Thatís easy for them to say they are on the other side.  They gave me some kind of sleepy juice then I was not real clear on anything I donít even remember the epidural. My DH came in with us I was awake during the almost all the surgery and my husband showed me the small plastic piece that was put into block the tube, I could not believe how small it was. Then all the tugging on my tubes and the surgery started to get to me and they put me out I donít remember anything after that really. When I came through I was in my room and very uncomfortable from all the gas and epidural in my back was driving me crazy. Doctor came in to tell me how everything went and that the surgery was successful. That I had 6-7cm on each side and that everything looked good. I was so hungry and when they brought us dinner it was Jell-O and broth for me I was disappointed. I asked for more Jell-O and tea that seemed to help. I was very uncomfortable through out the night. Not being able to move is very frustrating to me, I had to find things to throw at my DH so he could go get the nurse to give me pain meds. Thank god my DH was good about it. What a strange feeling to not be able to feel your legs that really freaked me out, I was so glad when it started to ware off and I could feel my feet. In the morning I got some real breakfast boy was I happy about that, I gobbled it right up in no time flat.

The doctor came in about noon or so and I asked him when they were going to unhook me so that I could get up and be said right now. I learned that RIGHT NOW in America and right now in Mexico are to different meanings. Once you realize this and understand that it will be longer then you think you donít get upset anymore. I had been to Mexico years ago and forgot that it was like that on memento does not mean on minute more like a Ĺ hr or more. The nurse came in and unhooked me and just a short period later after my shower I realized I had a headache that was getting to be very bad. Doctor came in asked me how I felt I said great accept this headache that has started, he layed my bed all the way down and asked if it was better and it was. He said this is the deal you can go to the hotel but you need to stay down and rest and tomorrow if you better you can go to Progresso so we left for the hotel.

We chose to stay at the La Mansion nice place great food, and wonderful service. I stayed down and rested for the rest of the day and watched TV. The next day the doctor called to see if I was up to a trip and I was feeling great that morning. We went for a walk through the town of Rio Bravo and at about 1:00pm the shuttled showed up to take us to Progresso to shop wow what an awesome place full of all kinds of wonderful things you could bring home. We shopped for about 11/2 then we headed back to Rio Bravo. We ate the best food from the restaurant in the hotel. The food here will never taste the same.

Our trip into Mexico was worth it and we had a great experience everyone involved are saints and I am so grateful that in less two months my DH and I can start trying to have babies. I ever so grateful for the love and support that I have gotten from the message board the ladies and Dr. Levi and his wife Cassandra I cant wait to post are prego announcements. Would I recommend Dr Levi and the hospital staff absolutely they are a god send and I am forever grateful.

Today I am post op 8 days I feel great accept for the headache.   And the hot flashes wow I did not know I could reach such hot temps with out a fever. Get the Ice cubes!   I will continue to tell people and encourage them to overcome there fears itís the real deal and he is awesome Dr. Perez and his staff!

Gary & Sherry Hitch

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