Gayla & Willie Hopkins


February 2007


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

Feb 1, 2007  


Pregnancy #1

It's 2 Boys! 12/13/07


6-7 cm on the right

no ovary on left




Jordan & Jadon Hopkins

The Twins Are Here!  The babies were born via c-section (due to being breech) on December 13th. The first-born, Jordon, weighed 8lbs 2oz and was 20 in. long. The second twin, Jadon, weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19 in. long. Thank you Dr.'s Perez and Levi for making this possible.


May 2007   (Twins!!)

Hi, My name is Gayla Hopkins. I just wanted to update everyone. I just found out today that I am pregnant with twins!!! I had my reversal on Feb. 1st. this year, so it only took me 2 month to get pregnant. Really, I got pregnant on the first try, because we had to wait 2 month before we could try. My EDD is 12/28/07, but with twins it may be earlier than that. I thank God for what he has blessed us with, and hope everyone has success, too. Thank you Dr.'s Perez and Levi!!!

Feb 2007

Hello. My name is Gayla Hopkins, my husbands name is Willie. I am 40, He is 47. We have been married for 6 months. We dated for 2 years before that. We both have children from our prior marriages. I have 7, 6 boys ages 23, 22 ,20, 17, 9 & 8; and a daughter aged 15. He has 3 boys ages 23, 21 & 15. Although our house is full with the 5 we still have at home, we long to create a child together, an extension of the love that God has allowed us to find together. I had my tubes tied in 1998, after the birth of my last son. I cant really blame anyone for that decision except myself. My mom had been wanting me to have them tied long before that, so I didn't feel overly pressured, however I knew that I didn't want anymore children in the relationship that I was in. I never in my life dreamed that I would find the love of my life. I truly believe that God sent Him to me and He feels the same way about me. When we met, he knew that my tubes were tied, but that didn't matter to him. The closer we get, the more we feel the desire to share the love that God has blessed us and allowed us to find, with a child.

I have been researching tubal reversals for over a year. The doctors here in America are so expensive that we could never manage to save up the money for the procedure. And with our family, we didn't want to take out a $7000.00 loan to have it here. Finally, through the grace of God, I came across Dr. Perez's website. I truly feel that He was heaven sent. If I had known about Dr. Perez last year, I would have had it done then, but I realize that God knows what's best in our lives and this year is our year! We live in Alabama and we love road trips so we decided to drive down. My reversal was scheduled for Friday, February 2, so we left on Wednesday. We drove until we got tired and then found a motel to stop in. We got up Thursday morning and finished driving to McAllen. We arrived there at about 11:00 a.m. and we called Marcos since we had decided on taking the shuttle to the hospital and back. Arman picked us up at the airport, which is where we decided to leave our car. He was very polite and friendly. We arrived at the hospital around noon.

I was very impressed by the hospital. Although it was small, it was immaculately clean and everyone was very nice. Arman showed us to our room, we were in number 2. He helped us fill out the paperwork.  Shortly after that, a nurse came in and started my I.V. As it was only Thursday afternoon and technically I wasn't scheduled for surgery until Friday, I was hopeful that I would be having my surgery that day. I hadn't eaten or drank anything, hoping that they would be able to bump me up a day!! And I was right. They were kind enough to do it that day. So my husband and I spent the afternoon watching T V. There are some channels that are in English. My husband was hungry, so HE got to get some food from a nearby restaurant. Not fair!! It looked and smelled so good!! I really wanted the chance to eat some authentic Mexican food while in Mexico, but I didn't get the chance to, due to the timing of my surgery. I regret not stopping on the way back to the states to get some.

Anyway...about 6 pm, Dr. Levi came in the room, along with another doctor to do my physical exam. I was required to have one, since I am 40 years old. Everything checked out great, Dr. Levi took the time to talk with us, to answer any question or concerns we may have. He really is the greatest!! He is kind, concerned, caring and has a great "bedside" manner. It wasn't like doctors here in the states. I didn't feel rushed to hurry up and think about what to say. Dr. Levi sat on the sofa in my room and waited until we were finished asking whatever we wanted. I was then transferred to the operating room. I started to get scared on the way there, not because of being in Mexico, but just because I am petrified of having surgery!! Also, it was a plus that I was getting an epidural for the surgery, because I have never been put to sleep before, so I was scared to be put to sleep. The Dr.'s in America require it.  So it was an added plus that I got to stay awake!!! They transferred me to the operating table and started prepping my abdomen, while my husband got into his scrubs. I was given the "sleepy juice" right before they started to put the epidural in. My husband came in the room and they started the surgery. Honestly, I don't remember much. I was asleep some. My husband said I kept waking up and moving around, talking too much, asking about my tubes, so they kept having to give me the "sleepy juice!!! I don't remember. however my husband did videotape it and so I did get to hear myself talking, but I sure don't remember saying it!! My husband said it was the most professional procedure he had ever seen, as far as the way the doctors worked together. He said he could tell that this was their specialty, because Dr. Perez never had to ask for anything. He was given everything he needed in the order that he needed it without having to ask for it. The next thing I remember I was being wheeled back to my room. The surgery took about an hour and a half. I am glad that they left the epidural in for the night. It was able to control my pain and I slept pretty good.

The next day, around noon, they took the epidural and catheter out and I got up and took a shower. I started feeling better after I got to move around. The band helped a lot as far as supporting the incision. I did have some pain, but it was only when I moved around. That afternoon Dr. Levi came in and discussed my surgery with us. They discovered that I don't have an ovary on my left side. My husband said that's what took them so long, they were searching for it. They said I have part of a tube, but no ovary. So all I have is my right tube. Dr. Levi said that it looks like I may have been born like that, so he said it shouldn't affect our chances, since I was able to conceive easily 7 times before with only one tube. I have 6-7 centimeters on the right, which he says is very good. He said I would be pregnant this year, which made me feel really good!! Again, he took his time, let us ask anything, no matter how trivial or silly we may have thought it was!! He said no sex for 15 days, and we can start trying for a baby 2 months after that. Then he said we could leave that evening.

He got our discharge papers together, then Arman came and we were on our way back to the states. We didn't have any trouble coming or going from Mexico. On the way back, however, we were stopped and the vehicle was searched, but it was no big deal. The American border patrol knew Arman and so they knew what we were going for. He did tease us a little about changing our minds, wanting another baby, but he said it was great if we would love the child, that love was most important to a child. Then he said we were a good-looking couple and said we could go. The ride home was very long, 15 hours, so we broke it up into 2 days. We drove about 4 hours the first day. It would have been easier to fly, but like being "put under", I'm scared of flying too!! So we drove there and back.

I must say that it was a good experience, so if you are having doubts, or are just not sure about going to Mexico, don't be. They took very good care of me. The hospital was clean and efficient, the nurses were friendly and caring and the doctors professional. The total cost to us was $2915.00, but it was because I had to have a physical. That, plus, gas, food and motels there and back, along with the $150.00 for the shuttle, was less than $3500.00. That's about half what the surgery alone would cost here, plus we got a mini vacation, and got to visit another country!!. The only thing I regret is I never got the pleasure of meeting Dr. Perez formally, so that I could thank him personally. But I will take the time now to say thank you to everyone who made this possible and for the great care that I was given. I will let you know when we are pregnant.

Thank you,
Gayla Hopkins


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