Melinda & Weston Jackson


May 2007


Tubal reversal 

 May 31, 2007


Pregnancy #1

It's a girl!  12/22/08


Left tube blocked



Charlie Pepper Jackson

 born December 22, 2008. I now have the most beautiful baby to hold. Thank you for making my dreams and my little angel come to true.


Jan 2009

My name is Melinda Jackson, 32, my husband is Weston, 43. We were there in April 2007, and I had a tubal reversal done.

After a year of trying we had the HSG and found out that my left tube was still blocked.  A month after finding this out and trying to decide what to do next, I found out I was pregnant and now we have a little girl,

I want to thank Dr. Levi for helping us with our travels and the surgery. The stay there was wonderful because of his help. Thank you to Dr. Perez for the successful reversal. My husband really enjoyed the fact that he was able to witness and film the surgery.

That is an experience he shares with everyone.


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