Jackie Metcalf


April 2007


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

April 21, 2007


Pregnancy #1 edd

July 16, 2008


7 cm  both Tubes




      November 2007

My name is Jackie Metcalf, and I had my surgery on April 21, 2007. I wanted to add that we are expecting. I found out on November 5. Our due date is July 16, 2008 ! Thanks, Dr. Perez!!!

May 2007  ~ Funded by  FIT TO BE UNTIED

My name is Jackie Metcalf. I had my surgery done on April 21, 2007. I had my TL in February 2004. I had been so anxious about having this surgery done. We arrived at McAllen airport on that Friday. Dr. Levi's wife met us there. She was so nice and immediately I felt at ease. We arrived at the hospital, and Dr. Levi was there to meet us. He came in, and asked me a lot of questions. I then had my blood drawn for the surgery the next day. After that, me and my DH left the hospital to go around the neighborhood. It was truly an amazing thing to see. I felt so relaxed the whole time.

The next day, the nurse came into my room to start the I.V. At 8 a.m., the took me to the O.R. The anesthesiologist put an I.V. in me, and gave me my meds. I could still feel the pulling and tugging, so I opted to have more medicine, to ensure that I wouldn't have to feel that anymore....LOL.  The surgery lasted about an hour. The Dr.'s were really nice in explaining the steps in what they were doing, to my husband. 

My tube lengths were 7cm on both sides. I received my Fallope Rings from my tubes. They are so small!!  After the surgery, I was wheeled back into my room. I rested all day. Dr. Levi and the nurses checked on me periodically. That evening after the surgery, I felt really good. There was minimal soreness.  The nurses were great, too! The language differences weren't a problem for us. They were really receptive to our needs, and we communicated well with them.

The Sunday after the surgery, the nurses came in and took out my I.V. and catheter. Then Dr. Levi came in talked with me some more. He gave me my operative report to take home. It also included my lab report from the blood work. I was glad of that, because there were some things on there that needed to be checked when I got back.  I took a shower, and then we were headed back to the airport.

All in all, it was a GREAT experience. I would not have done it any different. We were totally relaxed while we were down there.  The staff was great.  I made a slideshow, if you would like to see it.



Jackie Metcalf
Athens, Alabama
Right & Left Tube - 7cms

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