Tracy Miller



October 2007


Tubal ligation

Nov 10, 1992

Tubal reversal 

October 18, 2007


6-7 cm  both Tubes



      January 2008

My name is Tracy Miller and On October 18th, 2007, I went to Rio Bravo for my Tubal Reversal.  The staff was polite, the doctors kind, and the hospital itself was very clean.  My story like many others includes having older children, Brian now 16 and Bridget now 15, I divorced their father years ago and have since met a wonderful man Arturo Pablo Acuna whom is childless.   Arturo and I have talked about having a child together right from the start, and I remember feeling broken since I knew I was unable to give Arturo that one wonderful gift. The more we talked the more I searched online for an answer. Iíve considered IVF due to my age, but quickly dismissed the idea due to the exorbitant costs.  I then considered having a TR, what sold me on Rio Bravo wasnít so much the lower cost (though that DID help) it was all, and I do mean ALL, the testimonies Iíveí read here! They all praise the skilled hands of the doctors and that is WHAT I was looking for!....

I had my tubes cut and cauterized via the pomeroy technique on November 10th 1992 the day after my daughter was born.  I regretted that day for a long time. I now fixed the wrong I did on that cold bleak day. I was told by Dr. Levi the day after the reversal that I now have approximately 6-7 cm on both sides.  I am now 44 years YOUNG  and Arturo is a tad younger at 39 and we look forward to one day holding a gift that only GOD can now give us. 

We will PRAY for everyone here that they are fruitful and can conceive

Baby dust to ALL ~**~***~***~***~*~**~*~*~****~~*~

Tracy and Arturo

Have 6-7 cm both sides
Fiance. Arthur Acuna
We are both from Arizona

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