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May 2007


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October 24, 2008





July 2008

We are expecting a baby boy and our EDD is 10/24/08. We are very excited and feel blessed to have a new one joining us soon.!

May 2007

Hi my name is Lana Peacock. I am 27 years old. I had my tubes tied almost 7 years ago in 2000 after I had my daughter. I was only 21 years old. I had 3 children and did not want anymore at the time. I divorced and married again to my fabulous husband, Kris. He accepted my kids as his own, but we wanted a child together. When we first started looking for a way to get pregnant it seemed impossible. All the places we found and doctors we talked to were far more costly than we could realistically afford. Then one day while I was searching I found Dr. Perez's website through one of the funding websites. I was so excited that I had found an affordable option that I called my husband at work, and we looked at the website together that evening. That was early 2006.

We read many testimonies and viewed several message boards and found nothing but encouraging experiences from all that had been to Dr. Perez. The only skeptics were those that had no experience with Dr. Perez. So we starting to plan financially for my tubal reversal. As you can imagine things never quite work at like they are planned. All of 2006 went by and we were still not able to schedule our appointment. We decided finally we would use our tax return to fund the surgery. In March 2007 we scheduled our appointment for May 28th.

We decided to drive to Mexico since we live just 6 hours away. I was so nervous and anxious that I could not get any sleep the night before we left. I prayed that everything would turn out okay. We arrived at the hospital the evening before the surgery. We were surprised at how small the hospital is. The nurse showed us to our room and it was just as clean as the other testimonies said it would be. The only thing I noticed was that the bed was extremely hard. So the first night I slept on the couch and my husband slept on the bed. I thought I might as well be comfortable one night. When Dr. Levi came to talk to us that night about 10:30, I had already fallen asleep. He was very nice and answered all of our questions. The next morning the nurse came in to put my IV in at around 6:00am and to take blood samples. I was irritated with my husband when they brought him food and I could not eat. It smelled so good! The food at the hospital is very good.

Around 8:30 they came to get me. They put me in a wheel chair and brought me to the operating room. I couldn't see because they would not allow me to wear my contacts or glasses. The last thing I remember was laying on the table and they told me to lay on my side. I had told Dr. Levi that I did not want to be awake during the surgery. I woke up when they were finishing up. I was looking for my husband. He said I said several things that I don't remember saying. When they brought me back to the room I was feeling no pain. The only thing was I felt really nauseous because of the pain medicine they gave me. My husband told them and they gave me medicine for nausea. When the medicine started to wear off I started feeling the pain. My husband said the doctor told him that I was on bed rest till the next morning. I think that bothered me the most. I would sleep a lot because I was so bored laying in the bed with nothing to do. I would suggest bringing something to entertain yourself and your husband. A book, crossword puzzles, whatever keeps you entertained. My husband watched TV a lot. There were a few English channels and there was always a good movie on. that night they brought me my first meal in 24 hours. It was the best chicken vegetable soup I have ever eaten. Not just because I was hungry, it really was good. Wish I had the recipe. The juice is good too. I would suggest getting about $10 worth of Pesos for the vending machine.

The next morning they came in around 6:00am to take my IV out and my catheter. I was more than willing to let them. I was ready to get out of that bed. I knew it would be painful but I wanted to get it over with. When I got up I did it very slowly. It hurt but once you get up and moving around it gets better. Instead of getting back in that bed I sat in the chair and put a pillow behind me. I was glad to take a shower and change out of that hospital gown. Dr. Levi came in again, told me I could shower, left the meds on the table with the post op report. My husband loaded up the car while I got pretty and we were on our way back to the States. I'm thankful the drive was no more than 6 hours, however I was surprisingly quite comfortable in the car with the seat slightly reclined.

I'm now 6 days post op, and I'm feeling much better, but still sore. I can walk around fine, but I'm still a little slow getting up and down. My husband said I'm healing much faster than he thought. Now we're waiting the "long" 2 months to conceive, we are very eager and will keep you updated for sure

Thank you to every at Rio Bravo for the outstanding care and hospitality. I would not hesitate recommending anyone to them.

God Bless,

Kris & Lana Peacock


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