Rachelle & Lou Phillips



February 2007


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 



Pregnancy #1 edd

Jan 04, 2009


5cm on both sides.


HSG June 15, 07

Both tubes ope



August 2008

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that I'm Pregnant. I had a positive test on May 4 2008. And had a ultrasound done on Aug.1,2008 and its a boy!!!! Now I'm 18wks. I also wanted other women to know i had to take Clomid for 6months because my progesterone level was low so for some of u that aren't pregnant you might want to have it checked out. Mine was a 3 and it suppose to be over 10. So good luck keep on trying it will happen when you least except.  Expecting on Jan.4,2009. It's a BOY.

July 2007

I just wanted to up date everyone. Went and had a HSG done on June 15,07 and the doc says everything looks healthy that the tubes were open and working. So hopefully i will get pregnant soon.

Thank You Dr.Perez and Dr.Levi for making this possible.

Rachelle Philllips

April 2007

Hi my name is Rachelle Phillips my husband is Lou, and we have 3 kids.  We made the trip from Oklahoma to Mc Allen TX where the shuttle guy picked us up and took us over to Mexico. We arrived at the hospital and we sat in the waiting area for like a couple minutes then they came back and got my husband and I, took us to the room where we would be staying and the shuttle guy helped us sign in and told us that the nurse would be in to assist us.

A couple minutes later our nurse came in. gave me a gown to put on and then she started an Iv and took blood for testing. And let me remind you that my surgery was scheduled for Feb.3rd. The nurse asked if we wanted to do it that day and we told her yes we would have it done that day the 2nd. So about a hr. later Dr. Levi comes in and talks to us about the surgery asked if we had any questions. He sat on the bed and answered all the questions we had. VERY PROFESSIONAL.  I had nothing to eat for about 12 hrs and my surgery was scheduled for 7:00 so after dinner my husband got to eat and I didn't.   I was so mad. I was so hungry the food smelled really good (LOL). Then one of the surgery guys came and got me in a wheel chair. Took me in the surgery room and started putting iodine on my back so he could start the epidural. I never felt a thing. They had given me a sedative. The next thing I knew I was asleep. I started freaking out thinking that I could feel what they were doing. I started telling my husband I can feel it. The doctor told the anesthesiologist to go ahead and give me the stuff that knocks you out. For people who has never had a c-section, I learned that it's normal to feel them pulling. So don't freak out like I did.

My husband said when they give me the "sleeping medicine I was out snoring and they were giving me oxygen to try to make stop. LOL I guess I didn't. My husband was laughing and so was they. Poor me. LOL. I woke up right when they were done. They took me back to my room and gave me something for pain.

I was really impressed on the care that they give. Better then some of the hospitals here in the states. And very CLEAN.  The nurses never bothered us when my husband went to tell them I need something for pain they were right there. The wrap helps a lot.

The next day the doctor came in talked to us and told us what we needed to do. He said I needed to get up and move around and take a shower and then we could leave by 2:00, there was no problems. We were waiting on the shuttle guy (sorry forgot his name).  We saw the doc again, he wished us luck and we took pictures.  We left the hospital and the shuttle driver took us into the town. People are really nice, then we headed back to the states.  I had surgery at 7:00 on the 2nd on the 3rd we were headed back home. We got to the car in TX. at 2:00. I rode all the way home 14hrs. with just pain medicine. I had to get out so I could walk around. We got home at 4:00am went to sleep. I got up and was taking care of my 3kids. Do keep your wrap on as long as possible, it really does help.   You really cant tell where they cut me to do the surgery.

Hey I would do it again. I would even go over there to go to doctor if I live closer they were that good.

Rachelle Phillips

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