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April 2007


Tubal ligation

 March 18, 2007

Tubal reversal 

April 28, 2007  


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April 2008

Hello, I am 36 years old. I have five children, two boys from a previous marriage, ages 17 and 16 and three girls with my husband, ages 7, 6, and 1 year. I had a tubal ligation done a day after the birth of my third daughter. My regret was immediate. The day I came home from the hospital, in a private moment, I looked at my baby and saw Godís divine work. I knew that for reasons beyond having more children, I needed to have the procedure reversed.

In the days that followed I spent my free time researching tubal reversals and trying to find a doctor that was affordable and close to our home. I soon realized that my location and financial state left me with very little options. Most facilities were located out of town, out of state, and all charged in the several thousands for the procedure. Rio Bravo Reversals kept coming up in my research but I purposely overlooked it because I had a negative view of Mexico. After several days of reviewing unlikely options I was ready to give up. I decided to look at the Rio Bravo Reversals website and surprisingly I found the hope I needed.  Dr. Perez has more than 30 years experience and was only a half hour drive from my home. The cost for the procedure was affordable in comparison to everyone else and the scheduling was easy and convenient. I also read the endless testimonies on the website and searched the message boards for comments on Rio Bravo Reversals and Dr. Perez. Everything I read was positive and reassuring. A week later I decided to call Dr. Levi and scheduled my surgery for that same month. He seemed quite comfortable answering my questions and responding to my concerns.

The morning of my Saturday surgery my husband and I arrived late at Las Americas Hospital. We signed two sheets and I was registered. They took us to a room and I changed into a hospital robe. The nurse later came in to connect the IV and take blood. We waited about 40 minutes (which wasnít so bad considering we were late) and Dr. Levi came in to do a family history and answer any questions we had. He is a patient and friendly doctor. He sat down ďIndian styleĒ on the sofa (very funny and cool) and answered all our questions carefully, making sure we understood everything.  He asked at least twice if we had any more questions before getting up to prepare for the surgery. We didnít feel rushed or feel like we were wasting his time by asking silly questions. Doctors sometimes make you feel that way.

I was given something similar to ďlaughing gasĒ to make me sleepy and it worked just fine because the surgery was a blur to me. I have no memory of the epidural either, which means I felt absolutely no pain when that dreaded needle went in. I only remember hearing my husbandís voice next to me as he conversed with the doctors while they operated. My husband never left my side. He spoke to Dr. Levi after the surgery (while I slept) and he says the doctor was very helpful with post surgery questions. When I woke up I was back in my room and numb from the waist down. Once the numbness wore off I did feel pain but it wasnít as bad as I expected. I was given some excellent medications and the nurses were very attentive to my needs. I slept on and off and watched some good movies on the television. It was a little frustrating to be in bed so long.

The next morning around 4:00 am a nurse came in to administer the last dose of pain meds and then removed the catheter, the epidural and the IV. Painless. Only the catheter felt uncomfortable. I hardly slept after that because I was so relieved, so thankful and excited. I finally got up around 7:30 am and showered. The incision was barely visible. After I showered the nurses secured a tight wrap around my abdomen. I had brought along my own support garment so I wore it over the wrap. I changed into my clothes, packed up and then enjoyed my first solid meal since the night before the surgery. Dr. Levi came in to talk to us and gave me some recovery instructions. He said we would be expecting a baby sooner than we thought and to send them a picture. I was released from the hospital around mid morning with a surgery report, my lab results, (a receipt), and medications to take at home. Dr. Levi himself walked us to the door and wished us well.

All in all my stay at this quiet and quaint hospital went very well. The staff were very accommodating and courteous. I was very pleased with the service and I do not regret my decision at all. Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi are reversal geniuses! I absolutely recommend them especially to those couples that have serious doubts about having surgery done in Mexico. I live minutes away from Mexico and I had serious doubts. When I realized that women were willing to travel long distance from all over the world and the U.S. to Rio Bravo Reversals I felt better about my decision. All the testimonies I read are real. These doctors are a great team. They are skilled and very professional. I didnít meet Dr. Perez but Iím sure heís a very nice man.

My recovery time at home was about two weeks. Every day after that is better and better if you follow the doctorís instructions. Very important: if you get a headache the day after the surgery tell Dr. Levi before you leave the hospital (or email after you get home). It may be a spinal headache from the epidural. I didnít mention it and I had dull headaches every day for a week when I got home. They were unlike any headache Iíve had before and more distracting to me than the recovery itself.

I didnít know if I wanted to submit my story since my ordeal has passed so long ago and I am doing fine.  But then I remembered the anguish I felt and the comfort that came from reading each testimony posted down to the very last word.

I hope this information helps and I wish everyone the very best.

God Bless You!

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