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Reversal 9/07/07
Ligation July 14,1997
Lengths  L7.5 R7.5
Preg  1 It's a Girl! 10/10/08
Preg  2 m/c 2011
Preg 3 It's a girl!





Welcome Londyn

She was born on February 3,2012 7lbs 4ozs 19 inches long @ 3:47pm. We are very excited parents and are extremely blessed to have this addition to our family.

Sept 2011

This is a much needed update since my last announcement. We ended up having a miscarriage on 3/17/11. It was very disappointing and I will never understand why, but I let GOD take care of my heart. We didn't expect that June of this same year we would get another BP!!! So with great happiness we are pregnant AGAIN. We also found out on Tuesday 9/27/11 that we are having another GIRL!! Her due date is 2/14/12 but as you all know...We'll see when SHE'S ready. Now on to names and preparing for her arrival. Some people say that I'm "LUCKY" to have been able to conceive again but I know that I am so BLESSED by this experience. This entire part of my life has taught me patience, knowledge and made my faith so strong in HIM. I also am so grateful for putting my trust in the hands of the most wonderful doctors there at Rio Bravo to help me continue being a mommy and making my husband a father. He is soo HAPPY. This will be the last of my journey as DH & I are content with the family GOD has given us.

Thank you Dr. Perez & Dr Levi and EVERYONE else who makes this reality for us. Many many blessings to everyone reading this!

Mar 2011

Just wanted to update...that we are EXPECTING again!!! We found out on 3/1/11 much to our surprise that we will be having T/R baby#2 around November 8, 2011. What a shock, but a very grateful blessing that we were able to conceive once again. Thank you to the most loving GOD above and of course thank you to Rio bravo for making this happen once again! We are soo blessed. I'll update as we get further along........Many Blessings to each and every one of you who are thinking about having this done, those who are on your way there and to those who are on your way to this part of your journey. Never give up hope and always have faith in HIM!!

Welcome Presleigh

We are excited to report that we had a baby girl on October 10,2008 She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. She is now 7months old and the apple of her daddy's eye. Thank you again for helping us make this happen.

August 2008

I just wanted to update that we are going to have a girl!! Her name will be Presleigh Kristine. She now has a diffrent arrival date which is 10/21/08--We'll see!

Feb 2008

We are excited to announce we are pregnant!!! We found out on Valentine's day how special is that?? I am 4 weeks along now and due on 10/29/08. I go back to the doctor to do an ultrasound to make sure the baby is in the right place on March 10. I will update more when we get further along and find out what we are blessed with.

We would of course like to thank god above because with out him nothing would be possible And of course Dr.Perez and his staff for the chance to have a child of our own, and last but not least the support group (my sisters) who have been there for me from the very beginning.

thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Many,many thanks and May God bless you always~~~~~~
Carlos & Carol Sertuche

November 2007

We started on our journey the day before the surgery. Carlos & I finally got to the McAllen Airport around 8pm and called Marcos to let him know that we were already there. our driver(I can't remember his name?) arrived about 20 minutes to pick us up. We hopped in the expedition and on our way to the hospital. It was a short drive there so we stopped and picked up some tacos then went to our room. This was a very different experience for both of us. When we walked in, there were people standing around outside and inside so we felt a little uncomfortable as we were going in. We then got to our room and settled in for the night. I can say I didn't sleep well only because the procedure was on my mind and my thoughts were racing about what if's. I finally put those to rest and told God that this was in HIS hands and just to take care of me.

Right around 6am the nurse came in and he did the iv which surprised the heck out of me cause he got the vein on the first try!!! Well it is very true that when they tell your surgery will be at 8am, they mean it. Off we went in to the surgery room. I can admit that I was extremely nervous and scared. I think I was more afraid of the epidural than anything else. Which ended up being for nothing...I didn't even feel it! The surgery lasted about an hour and a half. Carlos was with me the entire time. He filmed the procedure also. I got to see the whole thing. how neat is that!!! Here in the states they would NEVER let that happen. I did see the famous cross that every one talked about.

We went back into our room (#7) and I slept on and off through out the day. A tray of juice and soup broth was brought to me with something for Carlos to eat also. I was soooo hungry!!!. We stayed Friday night and left on Saturday afternoon. The ride was a bit bumpy but all in all I would do it again, this time with out ANY fear and with peace of mind. Carlos & I met two wonderful ladies from Florida named Sonya and Cleo. Sonya had her surgery the same day but later in the afternoon. We exchanged stories and wished each other well.

I cannot express how thankful and lucky I was to have found these wonderful people who not only proved every one else wrong but gave me the chance to accomplished a long time dream. The Doctors and staff are awesome!!!! Thanks to Dr.Perez, Dr.Levi and assistants as well as the nurses and down to the ladies who cooked and cleaned for us and definitely our driver...

This hospital was very clean and took GREAT care if us. I'm glad I came back to show everyone who tried to discourage me, that this WAS a good decision we made. There's nothing I would change only to be closer to home... I will keep everyone updated when we get a BFP(Big Fat Positive)...... We are forever grateful.......May god bless you always!!!

Carlos & Carol Sertuche
7.5-8 on each side!!!!