Tiffany Tyler

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Surgery Date 2/23/07
Tube lengths L 7 R7
Pregnancy 1 03/21/08
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Randall Obriant Burgess Jr

this is my healthy baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!! He was 6lbs and 4ozs

August 2007

Hi yes I just want to thank you all for this day that I can say that I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Oh what a joy, I am going for my first ultrasound on Aug.29.2007.   I just want to say thank you again for this happiness. I will let everyone no what such miracle you have brought into my life. So the computer say my due date is 3-21-2008 I love your whole staff Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi

July 2007

Well I have great news, I started to worry because I was trying to concieve and nothing was happening and finally this month no period. I went to the doctor and they stated that I was two weeks along and that my due date is March 21, 2008. I would really like to thank everyone for making my dreams come true. I love the staff and the doctors for bringing this miracle to me and making me the happiest person on earth. I will keep you all updated on everything.

Feb 2007

Hi my name is Tiffany Tyler and I wanted to say thanks to the whole team of Dr. Roberto Perez. You all done a terrific job with me and taking care of me I could not say thanks as much as I wanted too. Well this is how my journey begin, I was scheduled for my surgery on Feb. 24, 2007, but I got there a day early due to my traveling arrangements. I got to Mexico about 2pm and I waited all day to see if my surgery was going to get done early and it did about 8pm that night. The staff was really generous, kind and checked on me continuously. My surgery was completed about 9 pm and Dr. Levi told me that they removed scared tissues and my tubes were tied, cut, and burned.  I still had 7cm on each side left. So now I am in recovery and will be trying to produce soon as possible. Oh yes, Mexico is really nice. I will keep everyone posted I am so excited.


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