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Tube lengths L7.5 R7.5
Pregnancy 1

mc 2009

Pregnancy 2 It's a boy!
Pregnancy 3  



Welcome Fillip James

March 2nd 2011 weighing in at 7lbs and 14 oz!!!!!!!

June 2011 - I miscarried my first pregnancy (I had miscarried 5 other times before my reversal so this is a common thing for me and not due to the procedure), I then got another BFP in July of 2010 and had a beautiful healthy baby boy on March 2nd 2011 weighing in at 7lbs and 14 oz!!!!!!!

Thanks again and again for what you do and Fillip James thanks you also for his life and chance in this world which would not have been possible without God and your amazing work!!! Thank you Thank you from all of us!

If someone is reading this GO!!! He is awesome and so is his staff!

Jan 2009

I had my procedure done on August 23rd 2008.... I had 7-8 cm on both sides and Dr. Perez worked his magic! I just got a BFP on January 20th 2009, and am pregnant! 

Thank you for blessing our family and God bless you and all the women that come to you, I know that God guides your hands and I am thankful that God led me to you!

Jeanne Barsby
Due Sept 28th 2009