Kristin Birdsong


March  2008


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

March 3, 2008


HSG - both tubes blocked


August 2008

I went to Riobravo in March 3, 2008. I had always heard bad stories about Mexico and the "infection control".  Being an American nurse working for a Guatamalian (sp.) nephrologist here in the U.S., I really went on trust and instinct.  Since the surgery in March I have had two HSG tests performed. The first result of the HSG, OBGYN says both tubes are blocked. I requested a second opinion and was sent to a fertility specialist.  Fertility specialist says there may be a question about the accuracy of the first HSG since the right tube was not visible. The fertility specialist ordered a second HSG with a different hospital. Results came back with both tubes blocked at the anastomosis.

The fertility specialist checked my husbands SA (semen analysis) and also a 3 day FSH level on myself. Everything was normal and on hubby's part above normal.  The fertility specialist suggest IVF now and refuses to do a lap to "unblock" the tubes. 

Disappointed in the U.S....BY the U.S.

That is my new motto because I have had the surgery, two HSG test done. Fertility specialist says both tubes are "blocked"....

They can put them back together in Mexico, but they can't roto-ruter them in the U.S.!   Scar tissue formes at the anastomosis and a U.S. doctor will not clean it out!  GO U.S. GO!  Makes me lose all faith in the docs here in the US, and I am a nurse!

Bottom husband has to live with no child EVER of his own.  At least he knows I love him for trying!
Good luck and baby dust to all that had the same dreams as we did.


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