Debra Cash



February 2008


Tubal ligation

Tubal reversal 
February 8, 2008


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2 edd
July 14, 2010


 8cm rt side


HSG 9/11/08 ~ 
tube wide open


Nov 2009

Hi, to all in Mexico!!!! This is Debra Cash, I had my tubal reversal in feb 8 2008 and we got a positive pregnancy test on October 26th, everything is going well and blessed, please keep us in your prayers as you all are in ours cause it would not be possible if it wasn't for you all down in rio bravo thank you so much for your blessed hands to make this miracle happen. we are expecting our bundle of joy on July 4th 2010


April 2009

Turned out to be a tubal pregnancy but the doctor gave me a shot in each hip and said we could try again in a month, we hope for better news next time.
God Bless

Mar 2009

Hi to all down in Rio Bravo!! I just wanted to share the news that we got a positive pregnancy test on march 5th, we are so excited however this would have never been possible if it wasn't for you all and your experienced hands so thank you and god bless, you keep up all the good work. Thank you I just cant say thank you enough!! Keep us in your prayers as you all are in ours. We will keep you all posted as the pregnancy progresses .

God Bless
Deb and Steve

September 2008

Hi to all of you in Mexico that perform miracles each day, This is Debra Cash I had my hsg test on 9-11 and my tube is wide open and functioning at a normal level.  I was so happy!  I'll let you all know when a little angel from heaven is on the way,

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts

February 2008

First, I would like to thank all of you who shared your testimonies, because without the testimonies I would have never had the chance to go to Mexico and meet the doctors that made me whole again. So Thank You and here is my testimony.

I met the man of my dreams about two years ago, after a harsh divorce. We had talked about having a child together because he had none, he loves my boys but, I so badly wanted to give him a child. So we started searching online about a tubal reversal, only to find the price range was outrageous. I spent many nights reading each and every testimony on the Rio bravo website. We talked about after the first of the year we would go ahead and do it. But in Nov. 2007 I found out that I had a large dermoid cyst on my left ovary and tube, and I had to have it removed, along with my whole left tube and ovary my doctor here in the states could not save it, I asked my doctor if he could reattach my tube in surgery since he was going to be in there anyway, He said to me after surgery that it couldn't be done because it would be too short, We was devastated, but he told me if I went to a tubal reversal specialist it maybe could be done, but chances of pregnancy was low.

So I kept praying and followed our hearts and dreams of another child, and made the appointment to go and have my right tube attached.  So on Friday, Feb. 8th 2008 my mom and I flew to McAllen TX. We arrived at 2:15 and was picked up by the shuttle right away after I called an let them know we was there. I then learned that my surgery would be that evening, it was scheduled for Saturday the 9th. I was very excited, I didn't eat or drink the whole way in hopes it would be that night. I was nervous and scared at the same time.

We arrived at the hospital it looked just like the pictures on the website, small but clean. The nurse came in and drew blood. And soon after that put my iv in, she got it on the first try. She brought in the wheelchair and I was off, I saw the cross that I had read about in all the testimonies and said a little prayer, left it in the hands of God and Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi, and they started. They told me I asked a lot of questions so they gave me extra sleepy juice and I slept during most of the surgery, I asked a lot of questions because I only had the one tube and was concerned cause I want a child with Steve so badly. 

After the surgery they told me I had 8cm on my right side, I can't tell you how happy I was and immediately I thanked god too, cause I was told that it would be short by me U.S doctor. I was so happy, Dr. Levi came in and went over everything with me, he took his time and I just couldn't have asked for better experience.  The next day, I met a wonderful lady named Hope, she wanted to come into my room and ask me a few questions because she was just getting ready to go in for her reversal, I visited her and her husband after her surgery. I was getting to go home that day (Sat) Hope was still numb from her epidural, I wished her good luck and my mom and I was off to a motel, cause our plane wasn't scheduled to leave until Sunday. We were taken to a motel in McAllen and went to a Mexican restaurant that the shuttle driver recommended, it was good too by the way.  So now I'm 15 days post op and back to normal, and cant wait until the 2 months is up and we can start trying to have a little gift from heaven, thanks to all the experienced hands that gave us a second chance of conceiving a child. Thank you too all of you and I would do it all over again in a minute. 

So if you have any doubts of going to Mexico to have a reversal done please don't I will let you know when we are expecting a little one. It's all in Gods hand now.

God Bless each of you and the work you do in Rio Bravo for making all my dreams come true.


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