Lori and Jimmie Chavis

N Carolina

July 2008


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

July 02, 2008


Pregnancy #1  edd

July 2009


Right Tube:  5cm
Left Tube:  2cm



November 2008

We are from Fairmont, North Carolina. We had our tubal reversal surgery on July 2. We chose to go to Mexico because of the price. We were able to pay cash for the surgery vs. financing here in the states.  And it was the best decision.  I have no regrets what so ever.

We drove down to McAllen Texas where the shuttle picked us up there. I do regret driving because this was a painful 24 hr drive back home. The hospital was very clean and smelled cleaner than the hospitals here.  Dr. Levi came in and talked to us before surgery and after. He explained that the surgery was a success.  I only had 2 cm of tube left on my left side and 5 cm on my right.  It had been 13 years since I had my tubal.

But, with all of this we are still expecting in July. We only tried for two months. And the second month I got pregnant.  So, I would advice anyone to go take the trip and save money.  Thanks again Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi.  You have made a dream come true for my husband and I.  

Thanks Again,
Jimmie and Lori Chavis



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