Shannon and Dan Coursen


February 2008


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

February 18, 2008


Pregancy #1 edd  m/c


Right Tube:  3 cm
Left Tube:  3 cm


August 2008

We are sad to have to update that we experienced an ectopic pregnancy. I lost my right tube, as it had ruptured. We are hopeful that God will bless us with a baby with our left tube. We are still viewing the health care in Mexico as wonderful. I came home with no bruising from IV or blood draws when I had my reversal, and with my ectopic surgery, they had to stick me a total of 8 times and two weeks later I still have bruises all over my arms. We are healing both phyisically and spiritually, and were advised to wait three months before trying again.

Psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

June 2008

We are just writing to say we got a positive pregnancy test today! I can't believe this happened so soon, and with my tubes lengths so short! THANK YOU Dr. Perez, for making a dream come true! What a journey over these 13 years.


March 2008

My name is Shannon and my husband is Dan. I am 36 and my husband is 39. I had my tubal ligation when I was 23, after the birth of our third son. The morning of my surgery I wanted to tell my husband that I didn't want to go through with it, but I thought it was what he wanted, later to find out two weeks after the surgery, he sat in the waiting room in tears, not wanting me to have the surgery either.  After I voiced that I had regretted that decision and found out that he too didn't want it, and didn't stop it, well that caused a lot of tension in our marriage, and as much as I didn't realize it, a lot of resentment on my part. Through this experience though, we were drawn to a relationship with Jesus Christ and accepted Him into our life. After we became Christians we prayed about our regret and decided that we would open our home to other children through foster care. Through this experience we were given the opportunity to adopt our youngest son, who is going to be seven, and our two daughters, ages 10 and 12. So our home is blessed with six beautiful children.

Even though we felt God used our poor decision, I still had an unexplainable desire to put my body back like the Lord created it. In the early years, shortly after my surgery, I read articles in the magazine Above Rubies, about Tubal Reversals, I worked with a lady who had one, and I also became friends with a women in our church, who also had the surgery. In my search for reversal doctors I ran across a website called Blessed Arrows  My faith at that time was not such that I became part of the group. The belief of a "quiverfull" family, was a bit odd to me. But God sent us on a journey of life lessons and brought us back to Above Rubies for encouragement, and back to the Blessed Arrows ministry. We were accepted to have our tubal funded, but had the financial opportunity to pay for the surgery on our own.

On February 17th we flew into McAllen from a Youth Ministries Convention in Dallas Texas, our home state being Wyoming. I myself have not traveled much, out of the state. So going into another country for a surgery was a bit frightening. I had read probably all the testimonies on the website and had also conversed with women on Blessed Arrows that had used Dr. Perez. When we landed in McAllen Marcos had left a message that our shuttle was there, our flight was a little late. So we waited for our luggage. We tried to pack light, but we had our two eldest son's with us, and two friends were with us, as they had gone to the conference with us. So hats off to our shuttle driver, for helping us juggle all of our luggage. It didn't take us long to get to the border, where they made us unload most of our luggage, they just poked around in it a little and then sent us on our way. He drove us by the hospital, to show us where it was, and then took our friends and sons to the La'Mansion Hotel, where they were staying. We dropped them off and then my husband and I went back to the hospital. In the planning of our trip I never did anything for the language barrier. We were sitting in the room, the first nurse brought in my gown, a couple of towels, and soaps. Then a few minutes later another nurse came in with a stack of blankets. My husband and I were conversing, asking each other if this was the right decision. I can say the reason we were questioning this was just our own "pre-conceptions" of how things are in the US. I could tell my husband was very nervous, so silently I was praying, God if this is not right, I have to know with ALL my heart what your desire is for me. I just felt so much more peace, and I felt as if He said "why would I tell you to leave what I brought you to?" I knew this feeling was from God, as my husband too became very much at peace. God had worked out every inch of this trip, the only thing that we had happen that made us nervous was the talk of a delayed tax refund, and that worked out perfectly, it arrived 5 days before we left.

One of the doctors came in at that time, and we were just honest about our nervousness. He put us at ease and took us down to talk to a couple who was from Florida and this was their second trip (not a second trip because the first reversal didn't work, long story). So they were so friendly, and told us how everything worked and how well it went for them. He also reassured us that we could walk back to the hotel (at this time it was dark) and see our sons. So we went back to the hotel. By that time, our friends had gone out and walked to a local Burger King with our sons, so they were sharing their experience with the language barrier and we could tell we were all at ease.

We went back to the hospital and settled in for the night. Early in the morning they came and got my IV started. Then it wasn't too long and they came to get me for the surgery. The nurse wheeled me into the hall, she stopped to get my husband his scrubs, and Dr. Perez was sitting on a bench waiting. He greeted us and said hello, he was so humble. I don't want to generalize all doctors, but I think anyone can agree we have had our experience where they at times act as if they are "god". I never had that feeling at all while I was in their care. They were all so friendly and nice. While my husband was getting his scrubs on, they took me in and laid me on the table, they asked me to roll into the fetal position, but I never felt a poke of the spinal needle or anything. I was awake for the entire surgery. My husband took pictures and was conversing with the doctors. They were monitoring my blood pressure and I remember all of that. They told me I had about 3 centimeters on each side. I did feel a little down about that, as I remembered there being a lot of discussions about the longer the better, 6 being optimal. But I felt so much relief by having the surgery and being able to be blessed with that experience. My husband went into take off his scrubs while they took me back to the room, as they were transferring me over to my bed, I heard the cry of a newborn baby. While I was in surgery a women was giving birth. My husband returned to my room and told me how they brought the baby in right beside him to clean up the baby...... he was like a little child, all excited. When I started to get the feeling back in my legs I wanted to get up so bad, but I wasn't allowed to get up until the next morning...that was probably the hardest part.

The language barrier didn't seem to be much of a problem, it was actually exciting for us, and my husband wasn't shy in trying to communicate, we used a lot of hand motions. There was one of the older nurses there, that had the most radiant smile and could understand us a little better than we did her, so she would try to teach us words. She was a lot of fun.

There is so much more I could share, but I would say, if you can avoid driving do so. I had a five hour drive from Colorado to Wyoming, and my legs were so swollen by the time I got home. I slept most of the way, and probably should have walked about every hour. But that went away quickly. Also, take a good week of planning nothing.. my husband had to leave town for work right upon our return, and so I tried to do too much. I am going to go to my local doctor April 16th just for a check up and to have him order the HSG test.

This is an experience we do not regret. I don't have a body to worry about an incision site or wearing a bikini, but if you are one? No worries, just four weeks post op and we can't hardly see the incision, they do an awsome job with the stiching.  Thanks for the opportunity to share our reversal story! We waited almost 13 years for this!

Shannon and Dan Coursen

Blessed Arrows Funding Ministry


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