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Tube lengths L5/6 R4/5
Pregnancy 1

It's a girl!
Jul 9, 2010

Pregnancy 2

It's a boy!

Pregnancy 3  



Welcome William

Hello again, Just wanted to let everyone know that I gave birth via c-section on November 29,2011. weighed 7lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long. Thank You so much for giving us the chance have more children. We did decide to have a tubal ligation (again)- and found that we got Pregnant with only one tube working. The Right side was not functional. So again- we are truly Blessed.

Sept 2011

Hello to all. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are expecting our second child in December of 2011. This was a surprise baby. When we had our daughter in 2009, Doctors found scar tissue in my tubes and suggested if we wanted another child to try ASAP. When we didn't get pregnant right away, we just thought it was not meant to be. In April 2011 we found out we are indeed pregnant again and are awaiting the arrival of our son. Thanks So Much to all the doctors and staff who made our dreams of having More children come true. I will update again with Pictures after Our son is born. Martha Cowan

Welcome Joslynn

On July 9,2009 we gave birth to a 7lb 8oz baby girl.  I had labor induced at 39 weeks as I was so miserable. I was out of practice. I had a complicated pregnancy as I has contractions the last four months but the doctors kept me medicated.  So I had our daughter by C-section because she didn't want to come down the birth canal.  But we are both healthy. Oh.. and we are trying for baby number two.. Thanks so much.

Feb 2009

My name is Martha Cowan. My husband Jimmy and I live in Texas.  Jimmy is 42 and has no children of his own. I am 34 and have 4 children from a previous marriage.

Jimmy and I decided to have my tubes untied in Mexico on March 6th 2008. We paid our deposit and made shuttle arrangements and when the time came, we drove to McAllen. We met the shuttle at the airport on the day of the surgery. We were taken to the hospital where my husband was treated to a nice Mexican dinner. I could not eat, because I was going to surgery soon... but it smelt sooo good.

Before long I was on my way to surgery. My husband there the whole time. Everything went well and I am glad to say that the pain wasn't that bad after the surgery. We were taken back to the Airport in McAllen the next day when I was released from the hospital.

I have approx. 5-6cm on the left side and 4-5cm on the right. I was ready to start trying to make a baby in just a few weeks but we were told to wait. I was very upset when It didn't happen right away. My poor husband caught all the fuss for about 7 months. 

So yes... In November we found out we are pregnant and all seems to be well.  Our due date is July 12 2009. We want to say thank You so much to the Doctors and Staff there in Mexico who made it possible for so many people to try and have a baby.

I will keep you updated.

Martha And Jimmy Cowan