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April 2008


Tubal ligation

June 6, 2005

Tubal reversal 

April 4, 2008


Right Tube: 5cm
Left Tube: 4 cm


April 2012

Expecting twins - edd 2012

April 2008

Hi my name is Lekeitha and my husband name is Isaac. I am 28 years old and he is 27. I made the decision to get my tubes tied after I had my 2nd daughter because we had our last two to close together and things in our marriage was just not going peachy keen and i really did'nt think that we would survive this problems. So i took upon myself to get a tubal ligation. My family was pressuring me to get it done and my husband's family was doing the same. I sat down and talked to my husband and he felt like we needed to wait it out and find a method that was not permanent. I did'nt want to listen to that because i was taking the depo shot when I got pregnant with our last child. My sister in law took me to the surgery and the whole while i started having second thoughts but i continued with it. My husband did'nt go because he felt betrayed that i was doing this to myself without his consent.

After the ligation things in our marriage got worse. My husband was blaming me and i was blaming him and the kids was stuck in the middle. Something had to give. We both started going to church and accepted God in our lives again and at that point we both realized that our problem was to be blamed on both of us. By then a year and a half had past and things was looking good. But the more things got better the more i relized that i made a huge mistake with getting my tubes tied. I prayed and then i asked my husband to forgive me for going against him. Then blessings started coming our way. In November of 2006 We where bleesed with a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. In December of 2006 a woman we knew had just found out that she was pregnant again. She did'nt want the baby cause this would make number 5 for them and she felt that someone else could give the baby more love and attention than she could. Me and my husband sat down and talked about it and we came to the conclusion that we would adopt the baby and bring the baby up as our child. My husband and i knew that their would be a chance that the baby might have sickle cell anemia disease but we didn't care this baby was the baby that we both had wanted, and then on top of it we found out it was a boy. That made us even more excited because that was what we wanted a boy to make it even 2 boys 2 girls. I went to every dr's appt she had, supported her with anything that she needed. My children were all excited to be getting a baby brother. My husband and I had bought everything under the sun that a baby should need. 2 days after the baby was born they decided that they wanted to keep the baby for a week and then we could pick him up. 2 weeks passed and they decided that they wanted to keep the baby. My heart couldn't take the pain anymore i could'nt cry any more tears over this baby that i knew i could'nt have. My heart aches for my body to be able to have more kids but i got the tubal done.

That is when the journey started. I went on internet and typed in tubal reversal in the search engine and up popped tubal reversals in mexico for 3500.00. I was like wow that is better that what the dr's here want to charge which was anything from 7000.00 and up. I googled more reveresal's in mexico and came up with riobravoreversal.com I sat and talked to my husband about it and he was elated. he wanted to have it done right away but we needed to save up money. I called my Dr who did the tubal and asked him if he did reversals and he stated that the way he tie the tubes they can't be reversed. I prayed and prayed and i talked to my pastor about it and read all the testimomies from the forum and I knew that i was in the right place. My husband and i decided not to tell anyone in the family except my mom for fear that we would have to much negative talking against what we was trying to do.  I scheduled the surgery for Feb 22 2008 and 3 weeks before the surgery i got sick and had to reschedule for April 4th. That day was one of the happiest days of my life.

On April the 4th on a friday morning we was supposed to fly out at 10am, but the plane was delayed for 3 hours and we did'ny fly out until after 1pm. When we got to the hospital it was just like everyone said it would be. Small but so nice and clean. The nurses their are so wonderful and are good at what they do. I went in to surgery for 9pm. When I got to the OR Dr Perez was sitting their waiting on me. Everything went smoothly. I did'nt feel them put the epidural or the cathetor in, but i didnt go to sleep either. I stayed woke the whole time. My DH and the Dr's were all talking and cracking jokes. DH also took some great pictures. Dr. Levi said that everything went well. When the Dr got to my tubes he said that there was very liitle scar tissue only on the part where my Dr burnt and tied the tubes. He said that they were tied close to the fimbria.

On my left i have 4 cm and on the right i have 5 cm. After the surgery the Dr Levi kept coming in the room to check on us. There was also a lady their that gave birth to a baby. It was so surreal because I feel in my heart that around this time next year that's gonna be me giving birth. I also met 3 other couples there. We all exchanged info to keep in touch with each other. So I am so pleased and grateful. I now have the oppurtunity to be able to conceive again. I am now 13 days post op and have been taking it easy. The pain is no joke but I will be alright. This is the most that I have done since the TR.  My stitches are now out other than the pain on my right side of my ovary i am feeling great. My husband and i decided that once we get pregnant we will tell the family about our journey.

I have no complaints. If I had to do it again I would do it all the same.

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