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Surgery Date 11/22/08
Tube lengths L R
Pregnancy 1 mc 2009
Pregnancy 2 edd
Pregnancy 3  



May 2010

Hello, I just want to let you know that we are now pregnant again going on 15 weeks, I'm am happy to say that everything is going well. We got to hear the heartbeat and is very healthy, Thank You Doctors for all your help...We love you & God Bless You in all you do.

Dec 2009

I'm writing to let you know was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease in July and with that I had complications in my pregnancy. we lost the baby.   I was around 8 weeks.   I had a really hard time dealing with it..and we are still praying that God will bless us again some day soon. Thanks for all your support.

Hello, My name is Melissa Guzman. I received my tubal reversal on November 22nd 2008. If you read back in my original testimony your read were my husband was diagnosis with Cancer the September prior to my surgery, Well not only did God bless us with his remission so far...God has giving us results of pregnancy.  I'm around 4 weeks today. I will be going in for my first sono June 7th.. We are very excited... and believe that God gave Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez the gift of love and new life for others...Thank You So Much!!!!

I'll keep you updated on further developments...

Jan 2009

Dr. Levi & Dr. Perez was referred to me from a friend whom had her tubes untied earlier in the year whom now is expecting in Feb. 2009. Congrats Sandra”

This is my story’ I am 31 years old and married to my 2nd husband whom has raised my 3 kids from a previous marriage for 10 years. My husband age 27 has no children and was diagnosis with testicular cancer back in September. We both wanted to have a baby together but thought we had plenty of time, my husband’s mass has been removed and by the grace of God he can still have children. So I spoke to my friend about where she had her surgery done and sure enough we got scheduled.  We were blessed to be able to come up with the money within a couple of months.  Because of my husband’s medical status he was not able to fly so my mother went with me.

My mother and I flew in from Dallas to McAllen on November 21st 2008, It was beautiful there' Never been out of the state much less the country, you hear so much bad stuff happening over the border; however we were blessed to have Dr. Levi’s wife driving the SUV.  It’s not every day you get into a shuttle with not knowing who the driver is, but she being a women and very good to us, She made us both feel safe. My mom speaks fluent Spanish so they hit it off right away; I speak Spanish but very insecure about speaking it. But we all communicated great”  It was late Friday when we got to Mexico and, because there were many surgeries going on that weekend, the hospital was full, so Dr. Levi’s wife kindly took us to a Hotel and helped us check in. The rooms were nice and clean, and we had gotten plenty of sleep.  We got up and loaded back into the SUV the next morning.

As we got to the hospital, Dr. Levi came out and greeted us. I was happy to see him. He took us to my respective room, an then lab tech came take my blood, and shortly after a nurse came in to start my iv.  Both the lab tech and nurse were great, only one stick and I didn’t feel a thing. "Excelente"  They had a couple of surgeries ahead of me, so I just got to lie in the bed and watch Spanish videos.  The nurse came in put me in a wheelchair and took me to surgery. I was not sure where I was going but found out real fast when I saw Dr. Perez in his scrubs. I tried to ask the nurse about my mom, but she did not understand. I was getting a little worried until Dr. Perez walked in and assured me he would get her in just a few minutes and at that time I told him she didn’t have to come with me.  I laid down on the table and the anesthesiologist started administering the medication through the IV, and before I was totally out he had me turn on my side into a fetal position for the epidural and as I was falling asleep I told Dr. Levi, Please make this happen for me and my husband. ”with tears in my eyes I fell asleep. They put the catheter in after. so I never felt anything. Each time I woke up I spoke to Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez and each time they would just give me a little more medicine in the IV and I would go right back to sleep, I think I was talking too much for them” hehehe.   They had music on in the operating room. And once I had to tell one of the doctors they were jabbing me in the rib, and to get their elbow off. And that time I just remember a masked Doctor looking over at me and smiled and said” oops’ Sorry” LOL
And they put me to sleep again…

They left the epidural in until the next morning around 8am, and I was glad, it kept me comfortable all night.   I was able to get up and take a shower, which was great.  We left about 10:00 am the next day, Dr. Levi’s wife treated us to some homemade tacos from around the corner” The best taco’s I’ve ever had. Gracias' Mrs. Levi..    don’t have any regrets on my surgery; I got home safely and have healed very well, with almost no scaring.   It has been almost 2mths and we are ready to start on our new addition to our family.  We love you Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez” God Bless You and your family in all you do!  I’ll keep you all updated.

Thank You So Much!
Melissa & Rolando Guzman


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