Cherre & Roman Juarez

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Pregnancy 1 edd 4/29/09
Pregnancy 2  
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Feb 2009

Tubal Ligation 3/14/00, Reversal 2/16/08. 7 cm each side, Pregnacy #1 EDD 4/29/09.

Hello! Me and my wonderful husband, Roman, have been married for 6 years. We have a beautiful 11 year old daughter, Desiree, and two handsome boys Cross 8 and Alex 4 (he is our nephew which we have custody of). Desiree and Cross were from my previous marriage, because of the relationship I was in I decided to have a tubal. The doctor had asked it I just wanted to tie them or to remove the tubes. Of course I wanted the ultimate and choose to remove the tubes. When I met Roman, I informed him of my situation. He had no children of his own. He had no problem with it and said he was happy with "our" two that we had. I deeply regretted the choice I made. Roman is a wonderful man and I so desperately wanted to give him a child. He never once complained or asked, but I knew deep down inside that this would make him happier. I started looking into In-Vitro, I was looking in Mexico, because I truly believe that you get better treatment there and of course the cost is cheaper. Dr Perez's website kept popping up, but I wouldn't look at it because I did not think I could get a reversal without tubes. I finally called, left my message. The same day the doctor called me back (I know, when would a Dr in the states return your phone call and on the same day?). He asked me to get my surgical report and fax it to him and he would let me know if it was possible. When he called me back and informed my that it was the easiest reversal to perform, because the Dr just cut my tubes (Thank you Jesus) I immediately scheduled my surgery date 2/16/08-yes, my Valentine's gift to Roman.

We arrived at the hospital around 9pm Friday, my surgery was scheduled for 8 am the next morning. The nurse asked me if I would like to have my surgery done that night? I informed her that I had eaten around 6 she asked me what I ate and left. She came back and said Dr. Perez said it would fine if you want to have it done now. We did it! Everything everyone has stated here is so true. Dr. Perez and his staff are WONDERFUL! And the crucifix is the one thing I remember before I went to sleep and when I woke up. It is like the Holy Spirit is in the operating room with Dr. Perez. Yes, the most uncomfortable thing is the catheter. But I was released on Saturday around 6 that evening. We drove to Corpus to stay the night with family and drove back home. Which I would not advise, for some reason I did not think about the drive. If we would do this all over, the only thing we would change is this, we would fly.

I healed wonderfully, there is not even a scar from the surgery, my gyno states it is the best job she has ever seen.  I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Dr. Perez and staff. I am whole again, and able to do what God intended.

We are expecting a baby girl in April. Everything is going great. This would not be possible without Dr. P's great work.

Cherre and Roman Juarez


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