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Welcome Carolina

My second little angel was born Oct 30, 2011 - she weighed 6lbs.  She was in the ICU the first 15 days of her life fighting an infection, but with the grace of God and His angelic nurses and doctor she came home to mommy and daddy.  I am so happy and blessed with my two reversal babies.  Thank you again Dr. Perez and staff for making my family complete! 

Sept 2011

Just wanted to let you know I'm expecting my second reversal baby!!!!!!  And it's a baby girl!!  I am sooo happy.  Expected due date is 11/11/11 - what are the odds of that really happening!!! She is my little angel.

Welcome Christian

I had a healthy baby boy 7lbs 2oz  21 in long born Oct 27, 2009.  He is now 7 mos old.  He got a tooth, started crawling, grabbing things, and trying to say "mama".  Altogether I am enjoying every minute of him! I thank God, my husband and Dr. Perez for my bundle of joy!

Sept 2009

I am so happy to announce that we are expecting a BOY!!!!!!!!!  I can feel all his kicks and movements.  He already keeps me up at night.....but when he finally arrives it will all be worth it.  

Thank you Rio Bravo!
Elizabeth Murillo

June 2009

I just wanted to let everybody know That i am about 4 and1/2 weeks and I'm getting anxious to know the sex of our child. Its funny, but I did not get any morning sickness Thank God my husband got to experience aaaallllll the morning sickness….but he is doing btetter. lol   I will let all you know later if it is a girl or a boy

Feb 2009

Hello my name is Elizabeth Murillo , I am 32 yrs old , whose story is similar to many of you but I will not bore you with my story. I had my surgery On March 8, 2008.  It was a decision that I pondered and pondered about only because I was afraid of having to start all over.  But I made the decision to have my reversal and I was glad I did.

I was scared to go to Mexico, although I've been there before, but never to a hospital. And let me tell you that I was surprised. Every body there was so friendly and the doctors were kind and they let me know everything they were about to do. Dr Levi went in several times and talked to me personally. Not like the u.s. where they are in for five minutes and still leave you confused.

Anyways today is March 11, 2009 And I wanted to let you know that on March 7, 2009 I found out I was pregnant. I was in tears because It was about to be my one year anniversary since my surgery I couldn’t believe it I was soooo happy.  I would get on the site map for Rio bravo and I would read about all the ladies that were about to be mothers again and I would pray that I could be one of them. And on Monday March 9,2009 I went to the doctor and found out I am six weeks. Our baby will arrive on Nov. 2,2009 . I can’t wait !!!!!!!!!

To all the soon to be mothers hang in there!!!!!! Be patient ( i know its hard) you will also get a blessing soon

I will let you know later if it is a boy or a girl!!!!!!






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