Miranda Navarrete

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Surgery Date Feb 1, 2008
Tube length 4 L 4 R
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy! Nov 24, 2009
Pregnancy 2 mc
Pregnancy 3

It's a girl!
Nov 23, 2011


Both open





Xochitl America

We had a healthy baby girl nov.23 2011 !!!!  she was 8lb  and 19 inches an soooo pretty thank u dr. Perez an dr. Levi i love u guys...... My second tubal reversal baby!!!!!!!! Thank you

Apr 2011

hello just would like to up date my life with you wonderful guys down there in Mexico well in Oct. of 2010 I had a miscarriage of twins I was 6 weeks along an what do you know were expecting again a few days after our first tubal reversal baby was born! edd is dec.4 2011 !!!!!!!!!! thank you from my heart dr.perez .......



Armani Yandel

We had a healthy baby boy on nov.24,2009 he was 8lb. an 19inches. we named him Armani Yandel ... thank you Dr. Perez

April 2008

Just would like to up date my story had my surgery on the 1st of Feb. went in today for my HSG. at the doctor he said Dr. Perez did a wonderful JOB! My tubes are wide open and flowing normal.  Will keep everyone up yo date when a little one is on the way!!!

Thank You Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi keep up the wonderful work down there.

February 2008

First off I would love to send all the love I have to Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi Diaz.  I was a little scared like everyone else but believe me ladies don't be ! Dr. Levi is the best he took his time to talk to me about everything Can you get more than 15 min. here in states no! he talked to me about my surgery he said everything went good I was 4 on each side so now all I can do is wait and let god do his work.

The trip went well also we drove all night Thursday when we arrived we got lost but Marcos was there to the rescue. If you can get a shuttle do it It's better than trying to drive yourself and my cousin and I have drove plenty of times in Mexico but this trip was different. It took us 17 hrs. to get there. but once your there they are the nicest people in the world 1 nurse was the best Brenda she was so nice to us. thanks Brenda . Don't be scared about the language barrier they will try there best to understand you . Spanish wasn't a barrier for myself or my cousin we both speak it. but If your worried they won't understand you they will . they ARE THE BEST.

Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel whole again and giving me the chance of one day having a sweet baby to hold in my arms. I will never forget you guys!!!!!!!!! Keep up the work in Mexico we can't get the same here in the states I'm happy to tell everyone I had it done in Mexico. Keep making Women's dreams come true you guys are wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Miranda Navarrete


Xochitl America

Armani Yandel


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