Elizabeth Park


May 2008


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

May 30, 2008


Pregnancy #1 edd

Dec 2009


6-7 cm each side


April 2009

We are very excited to report that we are expecting a baby in December! This is such a blessing in our lives and a testimony to the wonderful things happening in Rio Bravo. Our experience was wonderful and the doctors and staff were incredible! We will keep you posted!

June  2008

I had surgery on May 30, 2008. My story is similar to many of the stories on this site. I was married at age nineteen and had two children during that marriage. Upon the birth of my second child, I was very aware that I was a "married single parent". With an absent and uninvolved husband to consider, I made the choice to have a tubal ligation at the age of twenty-three. I felt that I was doing the responsible thing. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

Long story short...I divorced...met a wonderful man...remarried and longed to have a child with him. He has been a wonderful husband and father. When we met I was a single mother with two small children and he had never been married and did not have any children of his own. HIs love for us is amazing. He has raised "our" boys since they were small and for most of their lives he has been the only father that they have known. He is a strong Christian man and leads our family with a firm, loving and honest heart. We have been married for eight and a half years now and the boys are teenagers. We are very strong as a family and the timing seemed right to try to have a child together. We just needed to find a way to afford the surgery to make that possible.

I researched the internet and prayed about it often. Having the surgery was always our goal, but it seemed like it would never happen. It was so expensive here in the US. I thought about going to Kentucky for surgery because it was a little cheaper and I could set up a payment plan in advance to pay for it, but something told me to just hold off on that plan and we just prayed about more as more time went by again.

One day I came across a link to the RioBravo website. I couldn't believe my eyes. The cost of surgery was well within our budget and I felt that God had answered our prayers. I looked the website over with a fine tooth comb. I searched the entire site and looked for something to be wrong with it. I knew that my husband would think that I was crazy for suggesting surgery in another country. I wanted to have all of the answers for him before he asked the questions. I think the fact that you get the feeling that the doctors are Christian people just trying answer the prayers of people in need, made me feel comforted. After looking at it and talking about it for about six months...we finally put down the deposit and picked a date!

I felt like I must be crazy at times. I selectively told people about it. I just couldn't stand criticism about the fact that it was going to be done in Mexico. I had to remind my parents that they raised a "smart girl" and that I don't even buy a tv without doing extensive research. Even though I was comforting my closest friends and family, I was praying that I was doing the right thing. I know if you are reading these stories, like I was, you are searching for some comfort and reassurance. I can tell you that our experience was wonderful and you are doing the right thing. I live in Texas and hear many many stories about things that go on in Mexico that are terrible and sad, but I can tell you that I am a real person, with a real family and we were very blessed to have come across these wonderful doctors and had this experience.

I met the shuttle on friday May 30, 2008 in McAllen. Communication with Marcos was great and I highly recomment taking the shuttle. Our driver was Armin and he was great! He spoke english and we were able to talk to him during the ride. I didn't mention yet that I am Mexican/American and speak very little spanish (shame on me I know), but we were able to get by during the trip and surgery. It is scary crossing into Mexico, we saw some "federales" with guns at certain checkpoints and some military as well. I did feel safe with Armin. He knew exactly what to do and answered any of our questions. He even pointed out the convenience store to my husband so that he could walk a block to it if he needed anything.

We pulled up to the hospital and our real journey began. It seemed surreal. Armin took us inside and showed us to our room. It was very clean as everyone has mentioned. It is small and it is not modern looking in any way shape or form. Our room had a hospital bed and a bed for my husband in the first room, then there was a little room with a couch and some chairs and another room with a shower, bathroom and sink. They turned on the air conditioning unit when we got there and it didn't take long to cool down the room. Armin handed me a gown, towells and a roll of toilet paper. I am trying to give you all of the details, because I know that is what I wanted, sorry if I seem long winded. I changed and a nurse came in to give me my IV. I was scheduled for surgery the next day, but arrived early enough to have it on that day. Armin told us that the Dr would be in in about 45min. My husband paid him and we were left to wait in our room. The tv programming is in spanish so if you don't understand the language bring VHS tapes for the vcr on your tv or bring a portable dvd player. I would be lying if I told you that I was not nervous. I had thoughts of backing out and leaving, but about two minites before the doctor knocked on our door a feeling of peace came over me and I told my husband that everything was going to be alright. The doctor came in and I never looked back. The doctor spoke english very well (the nurses do not but take a spanish/english dictionary or print the terms off of the website and you will be fine). He asked us if we had any questions and let us know that we would be heading to surgery shortly. They brought in a tray of food to my husband for dinner and he also got changed into scrubs for surgery. They wheeled me down for surgery a short time later and I did see the cross that everyone has mentioned. The doctors are very efficient and things went smoothly. I didn't even feel the epidural being put in. The valium that they give you is wonderful and made me sleepy enough to be in and out. There was no pain during surgey and my husband watched it all. They found some tumors on my uterus during surgery. They were "muscular" and harmless, but they took them out because they can continue to grow and cause problems. I felt like this was another blessing for us. The surgery was a success and I had 6 to 7 cm on each side.

After surgery there is pain. Let the nurses know and they will take care of it for you. They are wonderful and very well trained. I can't compliment enought the abilities of this hosptial staff. We had surgery on friday night around 7pm and we were able to leave the next afternoon (by choice we could have stayed another night, but we live in tx and decided to recooperate at home). The doctors gave us our meds and instructions asked us if we had any questions and we were on our way. The ride out was uncomfortable because of the incision, but it is manageable. Bring the ice packs that they suggest they come in very handy.

Post-op the pain is very real. The first week is rough, but just take it easy and it gets better. I am the type of person that can't sit still, but I learned how. Five days after surgery I sat upright and it got better after that. Keep your stitches clean and dry.  It wasn't bad to get them out. After my husband took them out, I felt much much better! Today is eleven days after surgery and I feel great. I have been doing things almost back to normal besides the lifting and housework. I am returning back to work tomorrow and hope that it is okay. I feel great and know that I was very blessed to have had this experience. The doctors are wonderful and I have no problem recommending this surgery to other people. I hope that I have been of some help to you and will keep you guys updated on any baby news in the future.


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