Michelle and Damon Reichardt



March 2008


Tubal ligation

June 1995

Tubal reversal 

March 13, 2008


Pregancy #1

It's a Girl!  Jan 27, 2009


6-7cm on each side



Maya Louise Reichardt

I am pleased to say that our baby girl,  has arrived and is beautiful!  She was born on 1.27.2009 at 3:14 pm PST. She was 6 pounds 12 ozs &19 inches long. We are so very grateful to the staff and doctors at Hospital de la Americas. Our expectations were far surpassed and we are very, very happy! Our baby is beautiful and we thank you all for the beautiful work you do! My heart and thanks go to you all and we definitely recommend anyone thinking about having a tubal reversal go to Dr. Perez and the capable team at the Rio Bravo Hospital! I pray that God watches over you and keeps you!

Muchos Gracias mi amigos/amigas! Damon & Michelle and Maya and Miles and Nick Reichardt


Dec 2008

So, it is week 34 and everything is looking great. Our baby girl is healthy and very active! As you can see from the most recent Sonogram picture she is getting bigger. We are so very excited and I am looking forward to meeting our baby girl! We are still picking out a name, and will probably end up taking a list to the hospital on the day she gets here. Our baby's nursery is just about finished, just some final touches and it will be ready. Michelle is feeling pregnant and doing well, even though the thought of eating makes her have heart burn. 

We are so very grateful to the team at Hospital of the Americas for their great work and assistance.

Damon & Michelle Reichardt

June 2008

This is the first picture of our baby! We are very excited and pleased that the baby is exactly where it need's to be.   We were a little concerned about the possbility of a tubal pregnancy, no worries no more!









My lord, I am so very greatful to the excellent team at Rio Bravo!

Muchos gracias, me amigo's!!

May 2008

We just learned that we are pregnant! More updates to come.

Thank you soooooooo much team Rio Bravo!

April 2008

My husband and I went to Rio Bravo on Thursday 3/13/08 to have my tubal reversal. The experience was everything that we had hoped for and then some.  

I read and researched our options for two years before deciding to go ahead with Dr. Perez and I have to say that I got a lot of resistance. Some of my close friends and extended family were concerned about this important procedure being performed in little hospital in Mexico. I read the testimonials and researched the credentials of the doctors. I was confident. My husband and I talked at length and made the final decision- and there was no looking back. Somewhat apprehensive but excited my husband's first conversation with Dr. Levi put him at ease. The doctor was very easy to talk to and reassuring. We flew in the afternoon of the 13th and the shuttle picked us up at the McAllen airport and took to the hospital. The shuttle is a large comfortable SUV with air conditioning and the driver was very kind. I was a little unnerved at the site of camouflaged guards with machine guns at the boarder crossing but I fully recognize the fact that as an American citizen I lead a sheltered life. 

After a short drive we arrived at the hospital. It was small, well staffed and very clean.   The nurses do not speak English but all of the doctors do. We spoke with Dr. Levi before the procedure and he answered any remaining questions we may have had. I was prepped and wheeled into surgery a short time later. I do not remember much, I was semi-lucid for the procedure, but my husband filmed the whole thing! I must say that I was definitely in some pain but it was tolerable. The nurses checked on us frequently and made sure that my husband was well fed and comfortable. ( I could not eat that day) We watched TV and took intermittent cat naps through out the following day. When I felt strong enough the catheter was removed and I took a shower (with the assistance of my husband because walking was difficult and painful). The shuttle driver came to our room and asked us if we wanted to stay at the hotel up the street or did we want to return to McAllen. We opted to return state side and stay at the hotel across the street from the airport.

Before we left the doctors came in and spoke with us once again and checked on my incision. Everyone wished us luck and we left late that afternoon. We took some pictures to remember the occasion and rested for our return trip to California. The ride home was rough. Definitely take advantage of the wheelchairs at the airport and listen to your body. I live in a townhome and I did not realize that I could not walk up stairs for 15 days so we lived in the living room and slept on our futon (my husband insisted on being by my side, which was a blessing).

I went to the doctor before I returned to work and they said that the doctors at Rio Bravo did excellent work. On the 10th day my husband took out my stitches. It only took him about 2 minutes and it did not even hurt. The incision site does not cause discomfort but the inside bruising, from the clamps that hold you open during the procedure, does ache sometimes. My best advice is to keep your bladder and your bowels empty. I recommend a stool softener. The extra pressure can be very uncomfortable in the first few days.

Right now I am roughly two weeks into my recuperation and I feel great. I pay attention to my body's limitations and do not over-exert myself. I want to heal properly.  We have to wait for the full two months before we attempt baby making! Wish us luck we will keep you posted.

Michelle and Damon Reichardt

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