Tonya Sprouse & Dani Cruz

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Surgery Date 10/11/08
Tube lengths L4 R5
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl! Jan 11, 2010
Pregnancy 2  
Pregnancy 3  

4/16/09 both tubes open





Madalyn Michell Cruz Sprouse

Just want 2 update you on my tr. my Madalyn is here she was born Jan 11 , 2010 -  7lbs 1oz.   this is also her daddy dani cruz.were home now and all is well i thank GOD 4 giving Dr. Perez the knowledge to his job because without them Mady wouldn't be here thank you so much. Tonya S Cruz

May 2009

Hi my name is Tonya Sprouse Cruz, I had my surgery in Oct 11th 2008.My story is pretty much like all the other ones i had my tubes tied when i was 19 after the birth of my last daughter and thought i would never want to have any more children well i was wrong. i meet a man very special to me and we decided we wanted to have a baby. I checked around in SC and like all doctors they were very expensive and i knew we could never afford to do it here so i stopped looking into and just thought i wont have another one. i don't know what made me look into tr in Mexico but I just remember thinking they do a lot of other things there cheaper like plastic surgery and also I had a friend to get hers reversed in Mexico City (but never got prego), so i just gave it a shot and I found Dr. Perez. Which i might add was the greatest thing i could have done...So i paid my deposit and then after that I got my appt.

I wasn't at all afraid of going to Mexico I had been there several times I was just wondering would the surgery take after all my tubes have been tied for 19 yrs! so i was very worried. My best friend Libby came with me and I might add she was a real trooper for putting up with me lol, i speak Spanish and bless her heart she tries, so i wanted a phone card to call my husband he couldn't be there because of visa issue so she came with me and I LOVE HER so much for being there for me.....

We left SC around 4:30 that morning to get to the airport we made it got checked in and was on our way....we arrived in Brownsville Texas around 12:45 and the driver picked us up he was the nicest man very soft spoken he took us to the hospital where we were treated like royalty I got checked in and shortly after that i was in surgery, I remember waking up and they was transferring me to a bed I was in pain but i just wanted it to be a success I didn't care how much I hurt....i got back to my room and Dr. Levi came in a spoke to Libby and explained everything to her...I have 4 c on the left an 5 on the right. that was good the shorter one had to implanted into my uterus because it was so short, but i made it and all went well.

We had to leave and come back to SC and I was instructed as to what to do for my follow up before we left...upon me leaving Libby informed me that there was 2 more ladies from the US there having the same surgery so i just had to meet them and I'm so glad I did...Susan and Michelle is there name and I'm so glad we got a chance to meet we all keep in touch by email....

I had my hsg on 4.16.2009 and I'm wide open........

and on 5.4.2009 i got a bfp I'm so happy i just hope it all works out I'm so afraid of miscarrying.......I go 5.27.09 for my first ultrasound according to my last cycle i should be 5 weeks so I waiting to see if I have my lil cathachito ( my husband is from Honduras).....I will keep you informed......and a mucho Gracia's d todos in Mexico por todo los quiero muchismo y q dios te bendiga.....

Con todo mi amor y gracias
Tonya y Danis Cruz



Madalyn Michell Cruz Sprouse


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