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December 2008


Tubal reversal 

Dec 06, 2008



6 cm each side


Both tubes open



Nov 2009

Just an update for everyone......We had our (HSG) Well we are blessed to say that my TUBES are OPEN!!! We are so thrilled and we will start trying for our baby soon, and will keep everyone updated!!!
Blessings to ALL!

Dec 2008

Hello everyone!

Hello, my name is Jennifer and my husband is Jeramy. We live in Texas.  Our reversal was scheduled for Saturday December 6, 2008. This was such a special date for us!

I was so nervous for the whole time waiting! I read testimonies after testimonies and I was still nervous! I have a very supportive husband that eased my mind at all times. We chose Rio Bravo reversal because of the affordable price. I actually had done research for over a year, and I was talking to my ob/gyn nurse and she recommended Mexico. She could not give me any names, but told us to do extensive research and we will sure to find a respectable Doctor.  So the search was on, and we found Rio Bravo reversal, Dr. Perez.  No matter how many web sites we visited we always found our way back to Dr. Perez. Right there is a sign from God in our books! After a few more months of research we finally scheduled our miracle surgery.  :)

I had a ton of questions for the staff and the doctors. And they were all answered promptly! Everything went as the website says. It all fell in place. We drove to McAllen airport and then we had a shuttle pick us up. It took about 25 minutes to get to the facility, the ride was not bad at all.  When we arrived, we were greeted and directed to our room, i must say the hospital was very clean! The nurse gave me a gown to change into, and then they brought my husband lunch.....mmmmm, he had fajitas, potatoes and rice, he was in

About an hour later the nurse came in and started my IV and drew some blood, which is all standard. Then I was evaluated by a cardiologist, which was recommended due to the fact of my history of high blood pressure. I was a nervous wreck! They did an EKG on me, I started to panic a bit. But then the cardiologist came in and evaluated me and went over my EKG and took my blood pressure and all was excellent. He said I was very strong! Phewww, I felt sooo relieved. Then we were off to the operating room. My husband was given scrubs to change into, and he brought a camera for pictures. They brought me into the operating room by myself and there I met the Anesthesiologist, Dr. Moreno. He was very intelligent and friendly, he stood by my side through the whole thing along with my loving husband.  My husband was brought in once they sedated me, I don't remember a thing! Which is what I wanted :)  I did move a tad, but then they gave me more sedation. Don't worry, you don't feel a thing! My husband took great pictures, and then Dr. Moreno, took one of me and my husband together, I thought that was special.  It took about an hour and a half for my surgery. I did have scar tissue that slowed the surgery down, but other then that it was successful! I have 6 cm on both sides!

They took me back to my room so i could rest, then they brought me some jello and juice and brought my husband some dinner, then we both fell asleep. I did need something for pain a few times but it was never a problem. My husband would go and ask the nurse and she would be right there.

The next morning they brought us breakfast, it was great, pancakes and coffee. Then the nurse came in and took out my IV and my epidural so I could take a shower. Once all that was done Dr. Levi came in and talked to us for 45 minutes or so. He answered ALL of our questions and guided us to a successful future of health and happiness! We left there feeling blessed and happy!

I was release around noon-ish. Dr. Levi's wife picked us up and drove us to the airport so we could get our car. She was wonderful, her mom too! It was an experience we will never forget. And if I had to do it all over again, I would!

It took me about 8 days total to start feeling back to my normal self. The first 3 days were hard for me, but I stayed positive and my husband helped out so much!

We would like to send a special thanks to Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi! You guys are the best! We would like to thank Dr. Moreno, and all the staff!!!!! Thank you for such a wonderful beginning for me and my husband!  We are so thrilled and can't wait to start trying for a baby:)

May God Bless you!
Jeramy and Jennifer

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