Ericka Thomas

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Surgery Date 3/14/08
Tube lengths L 4 R 4
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy! 2/02/09
Pregnancy 2 edd 8/28/10
Pregnancy 3





Mar 2010

Well I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that I am now expecting my 2nd reversal baby! I will find out next month who is brewing. My due date is August 28, 2010.

Good luck and may my prayers go to all of you considering a reversal or trying.


Jasper Michael Ross

I would like to let everyone know that on February 2, 2009 we brought Jasper Michael Ross in this world. He weighed 7lbs and 11oz and we have been in love every since. He has been the missing piece of our lives and we feel so complete. I would like to thank all of the Rio Bravo doctors and staff.

September 2008

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that I had my second US and that we are expecting a BOY!!! He has 2 big sisters waiting on him. His due date is February 2, 2009.

Best wishes to all of you who are still trying and to all of you who are still contemplating having a reversal done.

June 2008

I drove 15 hours from Memphis, TN to Rio Bravo to have my surgery done after 10 years of regret. I was so excited that I drove the entire way there with only stopping for fuel. My best friend went with me and together we finally got to a place that I had been researching for the past 4 years.

The staff there were wonderful despite the fact that neither of us knew what the others were saying. I had a somewhat rough recovery but it was all well worth it. I am a whole person again after 10 years.

So I am blessed to be here to tell you all that I am 7 weeks pregnant and that my little sticky bean is in the right spot!!  Despite the occasional morning sickness, I wouldn’t change one thing about my experience.

Thank you soo much Rio Bravo Staff.

Ericka Thomas


Jasper Michael Ross


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