Deyon & Ryan Garner




April 2008


Tubal ligation

Jan 2000

Tubal reversal 

April 16, 2008



Right Tube:  4-5cm
Left Tube:  5cm

HSG 7/7/08 tubes open


November 2008

Hello my name is Deyon Turner- Garner my husbands name is Ryan. I had my tubal done unwillingly in Jan of 2000, since then I have been very angry and eager to correct them. My biggest issue was the money. I have 4 children already, two being twins (that reside in Oklahoma), however we are very excited to have the chance to conceive again. I have been looking for a doctor that was experienced and that I could afford. I set my mind to use my tax money to just get it over with.  I looked at Rio Bravo’s site at least 100 times before I decided, reading all the stories. ( I still do) I called a lot of other places - and I was actually scheduled at another place - but the Lord kept sending me back to this site. I asked my hubby would he go to Mexico and he said yes! (Any other time he would be like NO why would you go there for surgery?) So I started to book appointments and flights ASAP!

I am originally from Oklahoma and reside in Las Vegas. I work at a Children’s Heart Center; all the babies and young kids are giving me “baby fever”. So we booked a flight to McAllen, TX a 5 hour flight from Vegas. We arrived there like at 3pm Texas time and got a room at Super 8, it was small but clean and the people were very nice….they have a big selection on continental breakfast and lots of pillows! We got a rental car just so we could have transportation while we were there, incase of an emergency.  Next to the motel there were a lot of restaurants as you come out the door is a Denny's. We also did a little shopping. The shuttle was due to pick us up at 11:00 am the next morning April 16th for a evening surgery at 6pm or so…..

However when we got there, they immediately put me in a room #2 J. Shortly after the nurse came in and started an IV it was really uncomfortable and she made me nervous because, I am a nurse and she looked like she was training!  Lol  After that it went great! The doctor came in and explained some things to me, he asked if I had questions for him. (The doctors speak English) the nurses don’t which makes it a little hard.  My hubby really needed to smoke because he was getting really nervous, so he walked to a near by store and while he was gone, they brought him some food it looked very good. Around 3pm they came in to roll me back to surgery as soon as I got there they said we are going to start the epidural we will give you something to relax and Bam I was out I did not feel the needle go in nothing. Very special cocktail! My hubby video taped the surgery as I drifted in and out. I still was able to focus on the big cross on the wall it was so beautiful. Surgery went well all I could say is thank GOD I am finally whole again and…….what are my tube lengths. LOL

The night gets a little rough as the feeling comes back in your legs but it is worth it. The flight home was ok as for the pain. I started my cycle the day after surgery so at least I know everything is still working. Dr. Perez is Heaven sent and his staff is great!

Thanks so much! GOD BLESS
Deyon and Ryan Garner


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