Michelle & Ramiro Velasco


Feb 2008


Tubal ligation


Tubal reversal 

Feb 29, 2008


cm each side


February 2008

Hello all!!!   My name is Michelle Velasco and my husband is Ramiro. We have been together for 23 years, right out of high school (I was 16 and he was 18). We have 5 beautiful children. Francisco is now 21, and Carlos is 20, Samantha is 18, Selena is 10 and Sabrina is 6. We thought we were done having children, so I got my tubes tied after Sabrina was born and they told me she almost was going to be twins. I didn't know then that I would long to have another child. I had so much going on in my life I though OK this is it. Then after about 3 years I regretted it, so I started looking into adoption but that was going to be to expensive so the only thing I could do was hope their was another way to have another baby.

So 2 years later I started looking into tubal reversals, when the subject got brought back up about having a child. I was looking on the Internet about it and called and checked on a few places but they to were out of our budget, I thought I was never going to get another chance to have a baby. Then I told my husband why don't I check Mexico to see how much it is down there( since he is from there) he said "that's up to you. I said " Well you already know how the doctors are there, and when we have went down to Mexico on vacation and we needed doctors or dentist we never had any problems so why not check into it."  So then I got on the Internet and typed in Tubal Reversals Mexico and bam up popped Dr. Levi and Perez.  They were the only ones that were on the Internet that I saw. So of course right away I told my husband and he said OK call them and make the appointment. The price was right and all we had to worry about was getting the money for the airplane tickets.

So of course 2 weeks later we got the money and booked everything. I couldn't have been more excited!!! I met a few ladies down there and they were so nice, a little nervous but I think with me and my husband talking to them about Mexico it made them at ease a little. I was not scheduled until Sat morning but they moved the one lady up and then put me in her spot and got the other lady in later that same night. We thought at first it was a little to fast, but were so happy to get it done and over with. I of course recovered real quick and the other ladies could not believe how well I was up and walking the next day. We met up with one of the girls and her cousin for dinner the night we got released . It was so nice to sit and talk to someone that went thought the same as me. Then later that night we went back to our hotel and stayed for Sat. and Sun. night and flew home Monday morning. I could not wait to get back to my other children because I have never been away from them. I was calling and texting and emailing them the whole time I was down there.

I am now 7 months past my TR and can't wait to hold a little bundle of joy in my arms again.


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