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Surgery Date 4/06/08
Tube lengths L R
Pregnancy 1 It's a Boy! 9/03/09
Pregnancy 2  
Pregnancy 3  
HSG 10/2008 both open




Asher Wallace

I cannot give all my thanks in the world to Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi for the wonderful work they do - because of them I'm holding my little miracle today.  I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 9/3/09 he was born on 9/3/09 at 12:35 am  he weighed 5lbs 12 oz  17 1/2 inches. although he was 3 weeks early he's very healthy and it truly is a miracle.

thank you more than you know!!!! 

Karen Wallace

May 2009
I just wanted to send an update - were having a boy!!!!! 
thank you Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi...


Mar 2009

I had my tubes tied after my birth of a premature baby at 27 weeks, he had several problems. and just didn't think that I could take care of him and another child after that.  2 years later he went to heaven from complications with surgeries and just his overall health. I then a couple years later got divorced, things just didn't work out and met the love of my life. we got married and wanted a child together so bad. I heard about Rio bravo on a forum and after tossing it up in the air and being nervous about going to Mexico, we decided after all of the good things we heard about Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi and what magical hands they have, we decided to schedule. it was the best decision I ever made. I had surgery on April 4, 2008 The surgery went very smoothly, their was a bit of a language barrier, but the nurses were very nice and professional, everyone their knew exactly what they were doing. I ended up with 6cm on both sides. we left the next day after I had the surgery and flew back home. the recovery was no joke, It was a bit painful, but any surgery post op is. I had an hsg done in October of 2008, both tubes were wide open.

They have magical hands, and thanks to them I got my bfp test on January 19, 2009 I am now 9 weeks pregnant. Thank you Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi!!! the whole experience was one I would do over and over........

May God continue to bless you with the gift to give life............

TR baby #1 due September 27 2009

Jan 2009

Just wanted to say Thank you to Dr. Perez after 9 long months I got my bfp today.  thank you!!!!
your hands are the work from God.

Jan 2009

I had my surgery on the 6th of April. here is my story.  My dh and I caught a plane at 5 in the morning to go to McAllen TX. everything went smoothly and we made it on time.  when we got their I called Marco for the shuttle and he said that someone was on their way. The guy driving the shuttle (not sure of his name) was picking up another couple and then will be their to get us. we waited outside of the airport for about 15 minutes. all in all not bad we didn't have to wait very long. Marco called me back and said that the hospital was full and we would have to stay in a hotel by the hospital until the next morning of the surgery. which was fine with me. my dh and I had time to walk all over the town that night and take pics and look around. The Hotel wasn't bad it was kinda nice. their were 2 queen size beds and a tv with a couple English channels. the beds were kinda hard, but it was still ok. Dr. Levi arrived the next morning at 8 am to pick us up for our surgeries.

we arrived at the hospital and they took us into a little room to put gowns on and then to another room (they took me to a small hospital room) where i stayed until the other girl was done with her surgery. they came in and started my iv. I must say they do things different their. no gloves but the needle was sterile so that made me feel better. lol.  they got blood samples from the iv sight they let it drip into the tubes and then hooked me up to some fluids. they used the glove as a tourniquet and left it on until my hand turned purple but I must say I'm a hard stick and she got it the first time I was thoroughly impressed. and when she took the tourniquet off my blood flow came back it sounds bad but it really wasn't.  she didn't speak any English but knew the key words that needed to be known like pain, bathroom, iv that kind of stuff.  Dr. Levi came in and went over my history and all of that good stuff.  I was tired from the flight over so after they started the iv I fell asleep before I knew it they were coming in with a wheelchair. they put some blue booties over my feet and a cap on my head and into the wheelchair I went and off to the operating room where I got up onto a operating table. my dh was sent to put on a pair of scrubs. they let me leave my gown on and had me roll up into a fetal position and prepped me for the epidural. I must say after that I don't remember much they must have given me some good medicine. I remember waking up and dh was standing right beside me and I remember having a little bit of pain in my upper abdomen when they were doing the surgery so they gave me extra sedative that I had to pay 200 more dollars for. and that happened to the other girl too. I don't remember them doing the epidural or the catheter. so that was good. after they gave me some more sedative I fell back to sleep I don't remember much just waking up and seeing dh and knowing that I was ok and went back to sleep. next thing I know they were done and I was heading back to my room. which was a different room than they originally had me in, after surgery they took me to a bigger room that was a lot better.  I was totally numb from the epidural and couldn't feel anything but that was a godsend lol because when it wore off I was really hurting.

they brought me in some Jell-O and tea and I had some and they gave me some iv pain meds and I instantly threw up. they told me that I ate to much to fast. lol what did they expect I was hungry!!! after that I went a little slower and didn't throw up again. I cant take any kind of pain meds they have that effect on me - it makes me throw up. I really liked that they left the epidural in because when I was having a lot of pain they would push some medicine in and it would numb me up and i would feel a lot better. that was a god send. I had to lay in bed they said 24 hours after the surgery and I am so not a person to lay around it was killing me but I listened to the doc and waited. i couldn't sleep i was up most of the night watching robo cop 1 2 and 3 lol. they came in about 4 in the morning and took out the iv catheter and epidural. thank god, I wanted that catheter gone it was really starting to rub me the wrong way. lol  as soon as the stuff was out I was up and walking i had to move around. (those beds are hard ) she asked if i wanted more pain med from the epidural before she pulled it out and i was like no way i thought it would numb up my legs and then i couldn't get up and walk around. One of the docs came in after the surgery and told me how it went and how many centimeters i had. they were very professional and knew what they were doing. I was really impressed when they typed up a dictation report like they do here in the us saying what they did and all. I can give that to my doc here so she knows exactly what they did.

a few hours later they told me to take a shower. the nurse was busy so it took her a while to get some towels. the water was freezing when I turned it on it took about 10 minutes to warm up but when it did it felt so good. i stayed in their for a long while. and felt much better. now hot showers are my friend. I could take 20 a day just because it relaxes me and feels good on my sore body lol.... after the shower the doc said that the shuttle would be leaving soon ya me and dh were so ready to get out of their, not that it was a bad experience because it wasn't just that we were ready to go home. that last 24 hours seemed like a lifetime.  they gave me some pain pills and some penicillin. we got in the shuttle with the other couple (by the way she was doing good too) and off we went back to McAllen. he didn't seem to hit a lot of bumps the ride was pretty smooth. going over the border was way easier than I thought too. they took our drivers licenses and birth certificates and asked if we were taking anything back over the border and we just said our meds and off we went we were their for maybe a total of 5 minutes. well our plane wasn't suppose to leave until 6:30 and here it was before noon. so i thought were going to have to sit around for hours and hours but the airline gave us standby tickets and we were able to catch the next plane out to Houston where we had to switch to phoenix. we got to Houston and they gave us anther standby and didn't have to wait for hours and hours. well that came to an end when we got to phoenix they said they couldn't do a standby because our tickets were for the next morning so we had to get a hotel and wait it out. which was really a good thing I was really hurting from all the walking those airports are huge. and all the sitting in the airplanes. the nights rest was just what i needed. me and dh got up the next morning caught the shuttle to the airport and off to home we went. 21/2 hour flight. we got home on the 8th around noon.

I'm still sore but that's to be expected I'm popping the Tylenol and ibuprofen like candy. I had a little gas but nothing like i had when I had my gall bladder out and its not really their anymore. thank god that is the worse feeling in the world. if i had to do it again would I?  YES definitely.... they were very nice and professional and they know what their doing. the whole idea of going to Mexico in the beginning scared the bidigees out of me but I'm very very glad I went. and it was a pleasant experience. now its the recuperating that i wish would hurry. lol  I feel incapacitated i cant sweep mop vacuum bd drive for 15 days WOW!!!!! that seems like such a long time. lol.

Karen Wallace


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