Deshone Williams


August  2008


Tubal reversal 

Aug 01, 2008



3cm on both sides



November 2008

Hi! my name is Deshone Williams and I had my reversal on the first of August. I thought the trip would be tiring because I had too drive so far. I arrived at the hospital about five minutes before my surgery time: and that wasn't a problem, I was taken to the back to get ready for the surgery. The staff and the nurses were very nice, and the hospital was very clean. After my surgery I wasn't in any pain at all, I still had to stay for 24 hours before I would be released.

I was a little disappointed because my tubes were so short; but I'm glad I got the opportunity to have the surgery. I've been so scared to get my hsg done ,but look forward to getting it done in December. I have faith that God will hear my prayers for another child .

If someone were to ask me if I would do it again" I would say yes!" It was worth it . Every 3 inches of it.


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