Noemi Aguilar

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State Arizona
Surgery Date 12/02/09
Sterilized 01/20/06
Tube lengths L 5 R 0
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Dec 2009

After having three wonderful kids two girl's and one boy I decided to have a tubal ligation done in January 20, 2006. my life was great until then I started having struggles with my marriage and decided to get divorce from my first husband. after that I meet this wonderful Afghani guy . I re-married a wonderful man on February 14, 2009 at Las Vegas Nevada. I'm Married to the best man  Parwiz Mohamad-Rahim ;-) He has been a wonderful stepfather to my girls and boy but we wanted to have one of our own and try for ......I researched our possibilities and what alternatives were available to us. I looked at reversal facilities here in the USA they where out of our price range - like 7,000 or more.  So I had lost hope just imagining will never get that amount I felt frustrated that back then I had made the biggest mistake of my life by having my tubal done. Never knew my life will change and my decision will change to. I felt so sad and depressed that I wouldn’t be able to give him kids of his own. Even so he will tell me don't worry I love you I meet you that way I knew you had the tubal ligation done. But I know he is happy with my kids that know are his kids to. Gives them that love witch they have no different to his eyes. But I didn’t give up my hopes at all I research thru the internet thru Google and wrote ( cheap reversal tubal ligation) and that’s where Dr. ROBERTO PEREZ comes out I click on that website I did a lot of research read the testimonies that's when I told my husband I found something in Mexico - he wasn’t to convinced because it's Mexico well he said as I wish.

So I started emailing asking question everything I wanted to know Kathy told me step by step I send the money for the deposit. I talked to Dr. Diaz thru the phone he explained the procedure I was satisfy with the answers. I then call Marcos the shuttle guy and made the arrangements thru the phone sent the deposit. Got my airplane tickets in cheap airlines. Ones and for all I was ready to travel to Rio Bravo, , Mexico. We both where excited to go get my tubal reversal done December 3, 2009........Now let me tell you about our trip to McAllen TX. My husband drove on December 2, 2009 at 5:05 a.m. early morning to my mother in law. My brother in law Jamshid drove us to the Airport . As we got in Sky Harbor Airport we got our tickets, and pass by to grab a coffee at star bucks I was so anxious and nervous that I had to go to the restroom to throw up. Well I never flew before my stomach felt weak. We pass thru security funny had to take off my boots my sweaters well basically I was surprised that I had to do that. Departure was in terminal #3 Northwest Airlines we boarded the airplane at 8:15 I felt nutty scared. When the airplane was going fast to take off my heart started pounding fast. I hold my husband hand tight after all I calm down well saw smaller kids in the airplane so why should I make it a big deal. I took the seat next to the window It was so AMAZING to see all the wonderful thing’s God made - cars look tiny streets look like my small finger thin. The clouds look fabulous you could see that it was cold because my window gets cloudy. They served us drink’s I drank coke. I also went to restroom there in the plane it was tiny and cute aw!! Our trip was three hours in a half to get to Memphis. What a flight I Love my Husband muchoo just for the simple reason of been by my side that moment, where my special time. As we landed in Memphis, temperature drop it was cold around 48 digress plus it was raining the landing was fast as soon as we got off we just waited like 10 minutes good thing the terminal where next to one another. And up to a smaller older cuter airplane. I get the seat again next to the window the sun was bright the clouds look like the sea but instead of water is white and fluffy never seen such a beautiful thing my don’t get full they glamour around and don’t see and end the flight lasted like almost two hours. At 3:50 p.m. central time we landed to McAllen TX. Are destination to our dream was up to come.

As we walk out the airport we sat on the bench outside not even for 2 minutes when Armin came in a navy blue dodge caravan shuttle to pick us up - he introduced him self and off we took to Rio Bravo,  Mexico it was like a 25 minute drive I was talking to Armin he was a nice gentleman I basically talk all the way there.. Once I start they don’t stop me lol!! He droved thru the bridge of Rio Bravo, enter Mexico slightly thru beside Reynosa Mexico. Then took us all the way to the Hospital called Hospital De Las Americas. As soon as we walk in the lady up front greeted us and told Armin room one was available for me. So he took us in there we paid the rest of the shuttle services and he said that Dr. Levi will stop in shortly. Wow mouth open big time!!!!! My Husband and I where amazed of the beauty of the room I should say it look like a suite the bed of medical there next to it was a black leather sofa at the wall a flat screen television with a DVD player in it In the wall there was a cute picture frame of an Angel. It had a separate room with a black table and two chairs on each side a vase with flowers in the corner of that room also a nice flower vase center on the table. The restroom was separated -the restroom in one side and on the other side the shower and in the middle the pedestal light brown sink all nice and beautiful!! well never seen such a hospital that way. Pretty images of the first great impression of knowing we made a good decision. I took pictures off everything inside and why did I do that for people to see that what I say it’s true no tricks or false story's here.

After awhile Dr. Levi stopped in and ask me question and I gave him my answers he also asked me what I ate because I will be having my surgery that same night wow I said that’s awesome I was scheduled for the 3 of December but if it’s right know lets do it. I told him I had coffee in the morning and coke and three pieces of cookies that’s all I had ate nothing else well because I was waiting to save my space dreaming on some Mexican tacos well that didn’t happened well because at 7pm I be going into surgery before that meet Dr Diaz that stop by to introduced him self what a team of Doctors all niece and well English they know I should say better than anyone no accent of Spanish when they talk English my husband was impressed. At 5p.m the nurse came in and drew blood out and also but the Iv in at 7pm Dr. Levi came and gave my husband scrubs to put on to join in the surgery he also got the camera. Around 7:05pm, one nurse came in and put a cap on my head and booties on my feet, and wheeled me down the hall to the OR in a wheelchair. I climbed on the table, Dr. Moreno came in and told me to roll over on my side for the epidural, and I didn't even feel the stick! I was out during surgery, my husband! Took a lot of pictures. I don’t remember nothing.  I woke up at last when they finished I saw Dr. Levi, Dr. Diaz, Dr.. Roberto Perez, Dr. Moreno and the nurse.

Dr. Levi was trying to explained what they did he said that my left tube was a success in 5cm my right couldn’t been founded well I had a tubal miss carriage when I already had my tubal ligation done doctor said to me that one of million get pregnant with there tubes tied and burn so I guess they had cut where the fetus was and I didn’t recall remembering that I had one until Dr. Levi told me about my right tube that’s when I remember I had a tubal miss carriage. After all I still have my left tube reconnected and what so ever im excited about it. After surgery the nurse and doctors took me to my room switch me from bed then the nurse came in to see if I needed anything I was ok that moment well still was drowsiness from the epidural. They had brought my Husband that same night dinner I didn’t re call seeing what it was boy he was hungry had him in a diet all day lol!!! During the night the nurse stop by asking me if I had pain I will say yes a little she will shoot down thru the epidural that wasn’t good well made my feet num and then during the middle of the night she came back to check my pressure and shot more epidural in It was uncomfortable all night was a long night well the thing that hangs to pee gets uncomfortable in morning they brought great breakfast for me and my husband wheat bread with egg chile, tomatoes, onions and potatoes so delicious with mango juice on the side at 11a.m Dr. Levi came in and asked me if I had any question I asked him for pain medication and told him my concerns on the epidural he explain to me that it was the best method to not feel pain and threw more epidural in. At noon time they brought lunch it was stew soup, with white rice and corn and a side with meat and vegetables and two corn tortillas and mango juice on the side she brought two plates the same for my husband and the Dr. Levi came in and told me he will tell the nurse to take everything off me the iv the epidural that way I could take a shower. Well the nurse came in and took everything off also shot three injections thru the iv for the swelling also some threw the epidural she said it was to replace the liquid for my back not to hurt. Well when she took off everything I told her I didn’t want to take a shower well for us follow a family tradition that after a surgery is not good to take shower well you get air and stay blow up because of not taking care. So I got up my husband cleaned myself good put socks on me sweats on me my shirt sweater a scarf a beanie hat well we should always cover our head because of getting air. I couldn’t do much I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Levi told me that he wouldn’t released me because I was feeling pain plus couldn’t even walk the nurse came gave me a shot thru my butt I felt better but I also got to medications from the doctor  for not to get infection.  The next morning again when Dr. Levi came I was walking more well had less pain small step but at least I was able to walk slowly. Dr. Levi said he will call Armin to take us back. Armin arrived with his wife a polite nice lady. We crossed the border with no delay’s or problems was so ever.

Our flight was scheduled for Saturday at 5:45am. Well Armin took us to McAllen airport to see if my husband could switch flight earlier well it was way to expensive. So Armin took us to the hotel called Studio 6 it was nice he left we said our thx to him and his wife. My husband order pizza for dinner it was delightful good. All that evening he helped me getting up the bed laying me down at 3:30am we woke he helped me get ready we left the room the hotel lady call the cab to takes to airport. He came he charge us ten dollars there well we got to the airport. Bad news flight cancelled until Sunday at 4:20pm. Here we go worst moments ever the way I am back and forth oh God help me. My husband call the studio 6 the hotel to see if they will recall the cab driver she did thx God he came back right away another 10 dollars back we re got the room at noon we switch to a smaller room there we had dinner from the pancake house eggs with T-bone we both share it was a big plate poor my husband and night had to sleep in the floor well wouldn’t consist on someone moving the bed at all. That morning on Sunday the 6th of December we left at noon a taxi drove us to McAllen airport he charge us ten dollars. We ate at the airport some sub. We waited until 3:50pm to bored the airplane to Memphis TX. What a trip I felt nausea all the way to Memphis it seem like a forever trip there. We got to Memphis like at 6:50pm. The terminal back to phoenix was on the other side I got of trying to throw up there wasn’t no wheel chair available little time to get the flight so we walk I couldn’t it was so hard I struggle a lot to get there I made it finally terminal B-12 wow it was a long way there we boarded at 7:35p.m oh God was the worst trip back home in the middle of the flight I started to throw up I felt that my c scion was opening up I was crying it was awful my head was going to exploded we still had like an hour and twenty minutes to landing I got up went in to the bathroom thru up all over the plane I told the flight attendant sorry I threw up he said oh don’t tell me that I don’t even want to see it. I came back to the seat closed my eyes and ask God for strength to make it back home. We arrived to phoenix Arizona at 10 pm eastern time. There they had a wheelchair all the way my husband carry me to the exist where my mom and sister where waiting. I still threw up all the way home was 35 minutes away from Airport. I got home my dad came hug me and told me its ok your home know. He had bought me an squirt and alkazelser to drink that my stomach will control it self witch I did thx pappi… Now these days I been in bed rest my mom helps me with the cooking my husband mops, sweeps, my kids help doing the laundry everyone has been a help thx love you all…. Still I walk slow sit for minutes walk and lay down most of time to get better faster im still here not with pain maybe just a little but im ok doing good everyday……

So for know this is my experience and story I thank God I found Rio Bravo , in  Mexico. And Thank Dr. Levi, Dr. Diaz, Dr. Roberto Perez, & Dr. Moreno   The lady that deliver the Food thank you so much food was DELICIOSA thanks to the nurses Norma and Clara de Los Angeles Garcia Baiz……..Thx for making my wish of getting a hope open as for know will wait and see what God wants ill keep you all updated in what happens……..if any one has question for me to help or give you advice I recommended you to go for the tubal Reversal with them there at Hospital de las americas……. Great team there !!!!! Besos y abrazos a todos…. Don’t hesitate go for it you be pleased..

Noemi Herrera Aguilar
& Parwiz Mohamad-Rahim
Surprise, Arizona


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