Kim Alexander

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Surgery Date 2/12/09
Tube lengths L 5 R 6
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Oct 2009

I had my surgery in Feb, 09. We flew and that was the worst part of it.. as I hate to fly.  The hospital was very clean and the people all nice. My surgery went well. Was told that I would get pregnant!! That made me very happy. Measurements were 5 on one side and 6 on the other. They said it looked great, in fact they said if I didnít get pregnant it would be Ďdadsí fault! (However, because they made that statement.. we had him check out and he is fine!) I did have the epidural headache, that was terrible! It lasted a long time.. about 2 weeks. They did do the patch.. but according to the doc here, it didnít take. I left expecting to have no problem getting pregnant.. though after having my HSG that they tell you to have before trying.. I was devastated! One side did not fill at all, the other side filled but did not show any spillage. We were devastated!! We have continued to try, to no avail. I cry every month when my monthly shows up. We can not afford IVF or anything else. Iím getting older and am scared my time will run out. If any of you know how I can be helped.. PLEASE let me know! Bless you all!

This is my story word for word as it happened, please only add my story if all the details are in just as I have listed them


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