Jennifer Allen

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State Texas
Surgery Date 4/18/09
Tube lengths L 5 R 5
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Apr 2009

Hello everyone my name is Jennifer Allen I had my tubal reversal on April 18,2009

Ok hear is my story we live in Texas so we decided to drive down to McAllen TX Fri night and we meet our driver at the hotel across the street from the airport. We then got into a blue mini van and the driver took us across the border. We got to the hospital around 7pm that night the driver took us in we went to r room he had us fill out a form then we pd him.  From there the doctor came in around 8:30 he asked about medical history and how I was feeling about the surgery in the morning I told him I was scared.  He then let me talk to a women that just came out of surgery she looked great so I felt better. They brought dinner in it was very good and we latter went to sleep.

In the morning they came in around 5am put the IV in she was good at this and they took some blood for test. I then went back asleep for a while then a doctor came in to check my heart all was good and I was ready for surgery.  A nurse then came in around 8am and rolled me to surgery we got in there and they gave my husband breakfast he sat in the room and ate while they took me to the next room in there they put me on the table and then they asked me to roll over they put something in my iv and i was out.  I woke up to see my hubby come in I guess while I was out they put the catheter in me which was great did not even remember it going in !!!!!  I fell back asleep.  I did wake to feel a little pain so they gave me more meds and I was out hubby said i was snoring

I woke up I was in my room doctor came in later told me everything looks good and that I had a 5 on both sides. We stayed the night the next morning around 8am they came in took everything out of me and let me take a shower after that dr came in checked me again and we left.   getting across the border did take a little while on the way back but went fine. After the surgery i was sore it was hard to walk but after a few days it was better.

Today is 10 days so i will get my stitches out tonight when hubby comes home dr said to wait for 60 days before trying to have a baby so I will keep updated.

Everything was very clean all nurses were very nice and If I had to do again I would go back.  Thanks for everything you guys are great!!!!!!


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