Candace Beene

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Surgery Date 5/02/09
Tube lengths L R
Pregnancy 1  
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May 2009

I would like to thank Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi for all their hard work. We had our tubal reversal May 2nd. I was very nervous coming to Mexico, especially during the time the Swine Flue rumors were going around.

I have to say after arriving at the hospital and talking to Dr. Levi, I had no worries. The hospital and staff was very clean and we know we made the right choice by choosing the doctor's we chose for our surgery.

I had a tubal done at the age 19 after my 3rd child. My husband and I have waited 10yrs to have our reversal done and now it is done. We are so excited and can't wait to expand our family.

I would recommend the clinic to anyone!

Candace Beene



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