Tami Browne

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Surgery Date 3/05/09
Tube lengths L6 R7
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Jun 2009

My whole Tubal Reversal experience can certainly be defined as “prayerful”. My personality is very strong and I very much rely on Christ for my strength. I am usually the person that tells everyone, don’t worry about it God will take care it. He always takes care of everything we need. When I first told people about planning to go to Mexico, of course they would shoot me the swine flu line. I would always reply…I’m covered in the blood of Jesus. My husband had some doubts about going to Mexico, and I would slight them and say Jesus will be with us. So, imagine my surprise when two weeks before making my appointment, I developed this spirit of fear.

I had prayed about my reversal for years. I had three beautiful children. I couldn’t ask for anything else, but when my baby was three, I started having these dreams. They were so vivid, so real. In these dreams I had more children. For a while I ignored them. But, soon I realized the Lord was showing me that he had more children for me. So, I thought…the Lord parted the Red Sea, surely he can repair my tubes. So for two more years I prayed about that. Then after much praying and fasting, I came to the realization that this (the tubal) was something I did to my body. I had to go back and undo, what I had did to my own body. I did all my research and understood the basic procedure.

It took three years to get the money. The Lord provided it to me in one sum. It took me several weeks to make the appointment because I got this very fearful notion. I called once to make the appointment and then hung up. It’s a lot of money. What if it’s a scam? I can put this money in the bank and not work next year. If it doesn’t work, I can’t get my money back. I finally got the nerve to make the appointment and then really couldn't commit to it. I waited until the last minute to make my deposit, and then sent everything in really quickly. I got Priceline tickets. Don't do that. See, we rented a car and were going to drive from McAllen to Rio Bravo. It is cheaper, but because I got Priceline tickets...we had to get shuttle because it is advised not to cross border late at night. So we had to cancel rental and order shuttle.

Friday, May 29th got here before I knew it.  I got to McAllen airport at 9:30. I prayed when the plane took off, I prayed when the plane landed. I prayed in the clouds, I prayed above the city lights. God is very faithful. When we got to McAllen we were a little nervous. Everyone in the airport kept staring at us. We thought surely they all know we have this $2400 cash. Come to find out…it’s just a cultural thing. Outside Armine (shuttle driver) knew us immediately. He drove a newer clean car. Very friendly, spoke great English, a little shy. He didn’t even stop at the border. I did notice there was a lot of security from America to Mexico. There were a lot of guns, even at the 7-11 by the border. But we had a very smooth drive to Rio Bravo. It was dark not much scenery to see. It was a little weird driving with someone I did not know to a place I did not know about. So, I prayed, God I don’t know these people. I do know you. I don’t trust them Lord, but I trust you. Cover us in the blood of Jesus.

We arrived at the hospital. We thought it was a little weird that our shuttle driver takes us to the room and has us sign hospital paper work. That was funny. The paperwork is in Spanish. My husband understands a little Spanish. He knew paperwork. It was basic consent to treat. The room clean and smells good. The nurses were very sweet, especially Nora. A common question everyone ask is do you speak English, little, do you speak Spanish, a little. It is cute. Everyone really tries to communicate as well as possible. I had my Spanish dictionary. Make sure you get this! I got it from Walmart $3. They asked if we wanted to eat. I told them I couldn’t. Sidney was fed a great meal. Actually still a week after being home, He is still craving Mexican food.

Make sure you always have your doctor’s orders. There seemed to sometimes be a small breakdown from you, to the nurse, to the doctor, it’s just a language thing. An example of this is…the Nurse offered me juice, but when the doctor called, he said NO juice. They keep you stocked with lots of bottled water. But no water before surgery either.

Everyone at the hospital was very professional, but not like America. The nurses do not use gloves to handle you. They are very gentle and loving. They take their time. They want to make sure you are very comfortable.
We had great tv. There was no DVD or VCR in our room. There were about thirty channels. Maybe 4 are English, but you can go to menu on TV and change translation to English. This will give you a few more channels. That night’s sleep didn’t come easy. I was excited and scared. Sidney slept on our money. There is very little noise in the hospital. I had the worst nightmare. I dreamed that during my physical, they discovered all kinds of things wrong and they refused to do my surgery. I didn’t get my money back. I ended up falling out in a puddle of mud in the parking lot bawling like a baby, because this was my last chance to have this operation. I was getting too old and I would never get that money again. Needless to say, when I woke up, I was on my knees on those clean floors crying out to God. He sat there and loved me and comforted me and told me…okay, here are your greatest fears. Now, let’s work on them. The Holy Spirit counseled me into the wee hours of the morning.

At 5:30 nurse comes in to put in IV. They take blood. There is no pain. They had no trouble finding my skinny veins. About six o’clock a little quiet Doctor came in to do my physical. I had to pay extra for physical-overweight, 39 years old. He was very kind. He did EKG, blood pressure and listens to heart. This may be covered under insurance. At 8:30 they bring a wheel chair and wheel you into surgery. It all happens really fast. Dr. Perez is sitting chilling when you walk in. He is so confident, it is comforting. He asked if I was scared. I told him, a little. He told me everything will be alright. They wheeled me to the table. Like I said, it is not American. Everything is smaller. Not so flashy. But clean. They put something in IV. The anesthesiologist came over; once again he asked me if I was scared. He was so comforting. He said everything will be alright. He was so soothing. I felt him rubbing something cold on my back, I was out. I woke up a couple of times. I felt tugging, heard Dr. Diaz laughing. My husband would come and talk to me. He got lots of pictures. One thing that gave me comfort was the fact that they let you video tape it. Here in America, they recently stopped video tapes in delivery rooms for fear of being sued. In Mexico they encourage it.

The surgery was over soon. They put me back in my room. Dr Levi and Dr Diaz came by several times. They ask, you okay, do you need anything, any questions? They make rounds several times. You know Dr Diaz is coming because you can hear the laughter in the halls. The day progressed with pain and discomfort. My husband says I’m whiny so, everyone might not have this. It was hard not getting up for 24 hours. They make you lie in the bed. Do not get up. In the afternoon, Dr Levi came in and told me I could shift sides, but I could not get up. You are plugged up three ways. IV, Catheter in back, catheter in urethra. If you have pain they shoot more medicine in epidural. The medicine is taped to gown. It was hard sleeping that night. I was uncomfortable. The nurses would come in and shoot more medicine in the epidural. But I didn’t like the way it made my legs numb. So, I would tell the nurse “pequeño”. She would only give me two doses. This would knock off the pain and still allow me to feel my leg. The next morning they came and took off my plugs and told me to take a shower. That felt great! They told us we could leave and they would call Marcos.  Armine came soon and took us back to the Airport. It took about 30 minutes to cross the border. We were back at the airport. There is a large mall across the street. We took a taxi there. It was $8 dollars over 5 dollars back. The mall is very modern. No authentic Mexican souvenirs. There is a great restaurant called Libby’s. Great price A LOT of food! Split the plate between two.

It was the longest flight ever home. They have free wheelchairs at McAllen Airport. Memphis and Nashville airports require a wheelchair pusher. They take forever to get there and they work off tips.

Bottom line: This is a great facility! I worried for nothing. If the Lord is urging you to go, by all means go! I would certainly do it again. The doctors are phenomenal. Very comforting! They know what they are doing. The Lord carried me through the whole procedure. I can’t wait to see what he is going to teach me during the next couple of years. I will have to achieve a totally new level of trust through conceiving, pregnancy and raising little ones again.