Brenda Campos

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State Texas
Surgery Date 3/21/09
Sterilized 11/11/92
Tube lengths L 5 R 5
Pregnancy 1


Pregnancy 2


Pregnancy 3  

2/2010 Both  open!




Sept 2011

My baby boy at 35 week in 3D. We are getting close I cant wait to see my little blessing

May 2011

I am having a boy my due date is Sep. 28th 2011.

July 2010

I have great news we are having a baby.. We already went for our first sonogram to make sure the baby is Not in the tubes- everything is great.. We are due on March 12th 2011. Thank God and everyone at the hospital i will keep yall posted..

Feb 2010

I just want to say thank you again. I got great news yesterday I went to get my HSG done I was so scared they would say my tubes were blocked but nope they are both open and no scare tissue or anything else. My dr. was very impressed that there was no sign of scaring he said yall did a great job. I was so happy because I have been trying to conceive as of June then in July they tested my progesterone level and it was to low. They said it would take my body a few months to get back to ovulating and knowing what it is suppose to do like before I had my tubal reversal. Wow talk about changes my mood swings are no more like when I had my tubal neither are my cramps. If nothing else I can say it had improved my life in many ways less pain and happier monthís family and work life. Back to now, they have put me on Clomid and Metformin to help me get back to ovulating and now my progesterone is where It should be that means I am ovulating.

So we did the HSG and things are great I just want to say thank you so much and will update as soon as I have the BIG news. Good luck ladies and Trust in God.

Thank you,
Brenda Campos

Apr 2009

My name is Brenda Campos. I am a 38 years and I have had my tubes tied for 16 years. I went from delivery to surgery. At the time I even remember telling the Dr. and nurses that I was sure I would never want any more children. Here I was at 21 and already had 4 pregnancies and 3 birthís boy, girl, boy so I was or at least I thought I was done having family. My marriage ended and my children grew up and I found a real special some one, I married and wanted to have a family with. My husband Jimmy is 12 years younger than me and has no children. He is a great man and will make a great father.

I just want to say thank you to the nice people at the hospital and especially my day nurse and the great dr.ís. Let me tell you it was an experience. I was scared my husband and I were very unsure of the whole idea to have the surgery done in Mexico. We received a lot of negative feed back from family and friends and cause us a lot of stress. We stayed strong and the entire time communicated and stayed in touch with the dr.ís and nurses even till now. They are always available to us with any questions or concerns we have.

Well After making the trip from Odessa, Tx to Rio Bravo I understand why they recommend you fly. We arrived at the hospital and were surprised to see how all of our concerns were for nothing. We were attended prompt and everyone was nice and helpful.  I had my reversal done Saturday March 21, 2009 just a little over two weeks now and I am already back at work and doing great. Just fallow all the doctor instructions and have a great husband that stood by me in surgery and recovery and is very happy we have a great chance of having a family together.

I was put in a prep room that had a bed and seating for my daughter and my husband to be with me in the room. The nurse came in took my vitals, and prep me for IV. She did a great job and was very gentle. We waited in the prep room which also had a color TV with cable, bathroom, sink. The Dr. came in and gave me an evaluation and answered all the questions we had. After a bit the nurse came in and took me to the surgery room in a wheel chair. The anesthesiologist came in gave me some medicine in my IV. Then asked me to get in fetal potions and he continued to give me the epidural. I felt nothing not even when the needle went in. I was scared thinking that would hurt because I had all my kids natural, no drugs so yeah I was worried about that. So no concerns ladies they did a great job. After I was ready for surgery the got my husband ready and dressed in scrubs and told him to stand next to me. He held my hand the whole time. By the way surgery took about and hour. My daughter was taken to my patient room to wait there for me. After it was done they led my husband out of surgery and to the room when I got to the room he and my daughter were both there waiting. That was real nice to be able to have them there. The Dr. came in and told us that surgery was successful and everything went well.

The cost was next and was as explained in the emails and phone conversations, no surprises. My daughter and my husband bother were able to stay in the hospital room with me all night. The even brought in extra blankets for them and gave them dinner. I didn't get to eat lunch or dinner but my family did. That was real cool. All evening and night long the nurses would come check my vitals and see if we needed anything else. The next morning, they brought breakfast for me and my family, they even brought towels for all of us to shower and get ready for our trip back to the states. The Dr. came in and greeted us, he check in on my surgery site and gave further instructions for the trip home and stitch removal and answered our questions. Then the nurse came in and removed my IV and gave me the prescriptions the Dr. had ordered for me to take with instructions on how to use them. So we were on our way back to the Texas.

They did a great job also considering that the doctorís here in the states had done one of my tubes cut and burn near the uterus and the other was done by the ovary. With that the said the doctors in Rio Bravo were still able to find and attach my tubes and now I have 5cm on each side.

Now I leave you with these words God is great and he will bless me and my family with a happy, healthy family. I will keep posting and updating with future arrivals.

God Bless & take care of each other,
Brenda Campos


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