Theda Christian

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Surgery Date 5/28/09
Lengths L 7 R 7
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It's a Girl!

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Welcome, Baby Girl!

June 2009

I had my tubal reversal on May 28,2009 we left on Thursday the 28 and flew into McAllen where the shuttle was waiting for us he was a very nice person.  I don't remember his name but he was very nice, so he took us over the border with no problems and took us to the hospital where they put us room one. the driver went and talked to the nurse then he came back to collect the fee, then afterwards the nurse came in the room and gave me a gown to put on and started my iv - she had no problem finding my vein,  she was a very skilled nurse. 

Around 12:30 doctor Levi came in the room with another doc and they took a little blood work and checked my blood pressure which was a little high, and also did an ekg to check my heart.  All went well and then he told me I was having my surgery at 7:00 pm so I was getting so nervous .  They gave Trevor some food which looked so good, I was very hungry and he was teasing me with it. 

At 7pm the nurse took me back to the operation room and they try to do the epri but it only numb my left side to they had to put he to sleep which I didn't mind because I didn't want to feel anything .I woke up at the end when they were done and wheeling back to my room and i asked my much tubes were there and he said 7cm on the l and 7cm on the right i was so happy,

so we left the next day at 7pm and he took us to a nice hotel across from the airport and we stayed there from Friday to Sunday morning and left and went home i was so happy to be home in my bed right now i feel great thanks to all the doctors in Mexico god bless and i will update when i become preggo.