Jackie & Stephen Cook

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State Texas
Surgery Date 5/17/09
Tube lengths L 5 R 5
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July  2009

I had my surgery done on May 17th. I have just about the same story as the other stories I have read, I have two great children (my boy Tyler, 8 and my girl Brooke, 10) from my first marriage. I had my tubes tide after I had my son at age 23. My ex-husband and I let our marriage fail shortly after I had my son and we divorced. After my divorce I dated a sweet man by the name of Stephen Cook, we eventually married and have been married now for 5 years. My husband has two children from his first marriage also, Kylie 15 and Austin 16. I am 31 years old and would like to experience raising children together with my husband.

I had been researching doctors for about a year before my surgery and Mexico just felt right. The price was reasonable and since we live in Texas it wasn't to far to travel (so I thought!!).  My husband and I drove down to McAllen, TX, which was a 12 hour drive, when we got there we waited on the driver for about and hour, which was great, I had time to relax and stretch my legs!  I think the drivers name is Admire, he is very nice and a very zippy driver! When we got to the hospital they showed us to our room which is clean like everyone has said. Dr. Diaz was the Dr. that talked with us the night before our surgery, he is a very caring and funny! He told us that my surgery wouldn't be done till the morning, so we hung out in the room. The nurse brought us a great dinner dinner, we watched some TV and went to bed.

The next morning after I showered everything went by so quickly. I have really small veins so I was nervous about the IV, but the nurse did great! I had to take out my contacts for the surgery and they wouldn't let me put my glasses on so I didn't even get to see Dr. Perez because my eyes are terrible! They were totally laughing at my because I couldn't' see them, so even though I was scared I was still having a little fun. I got up on the table and they gave me some feel good juice, I was so nervous about the epidural before I came, and I didn't even feel it when they put it in.  All that worry for nothing. I woke up a couple of time during the surgery just as happy as could be. The Dr. said that everyone asks about the surgery, but not me, I was taking about our truck and trying to move my arms, so they put me out!  I had 5 cm on each side.  After the surgery they took me to my room to recover. I do remember not liking how numb my legs were, I couldn't move them at all, it's a good thing that I am a pretty small woman because my husband had to move my body and my legs around for me. Later that night my husband cracked a joke about my butt being out for all to see, I barely even laughed and it hurt so bad that it made me cry!!! I made my husband get the nurse, she came in and pushed the epidural meds in and immediately I felt better. So tell the person you are with NO Laughing!!! It hurts! LOL.

The next morning the nurse took out the epidural and IV, brought in some pancakes which were so good, and said I could shower.  Dr. Diaz came in one last time to wrap my stomach up and to chat with us and then we were on our way home. The drive wasn't the greatest, my husband had to help me in and out of the truck. As for the healing, I thought I would be healed way before now and I still don't feel fully healed. I had my surgery on the end of the school year, so my children had all their awards assemblies and end of the year stuff that I did go to which I think slowed my healing down.   So when the Dr. tells you to do nothing for 15 days I suggest listening to him.

I have only good things to say about the hospital, staff and the food!!   God Bless You on your journey to motherhood, again!


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